Hightlights from Las Vegas Fashion Market

supermodel emme

If you're following me on Facebook, you'll see what a blast I'm having this week at the fashion market in Las Vegas. I'll have new items for the store … [Continue reading]

BaubleBar – President’s Day Sale

colorful bib necklace

President’s Day is upon us and BaubleBar is having an amazing promotion! Take advantage of 20% off your purchase with code PREZ20. If you buy 3 items, … [Continue reading]

Turn On Your Heart Light

women's heart themed accessories

Let your love shine this Valentine's Day! Wear a heart themed accessory or piece of clothing.  There's something youthful and innocent about wearing … [Continue reading]

Railroad Stripe Tall Pants

women's tall chinos

Here's a cute option in tall jeans for Spring. This pair of railroad stripe tall pants brings out your inner conductor - or hippie girl - you decide. … [Continue reading]

Tough Girl

tough girl outfit

If you're a tough girl, you're going to love this tall biker jacket and outfit.  It's fine to look like a tough girl, but let down your guard and let … [Continue reading]

Foldable Flats

size 12 foldable flats

It's a bummer when you're dancing the night away and suddenly you get feet pain from your high heels.  If you put a pair of these foldable flats from … [Continue reading]

Striped Tall Hoodie & Outfit

striped tall hoodie

It's a manic Monday for me as I woke up early with a migraine headache. Just what I need. I'm feeling a little better now, but on days like today, … [Continue reading]

Coach Handbags, Sunglasses and Watches are on Sale!

coach tote on sale

If you're a brand snob, then you're going to love that Coach handbags, sunglasses and watches are on sale today at Zulily! This is a rare occasion, so … [Continue reading]

Day to Night Tall Valentine’s Day Dress

tall valentine's day dress

A few of you have requested more options in tall Valentine's Day dresses, so today I'm showing you another option. Today's look is a tall wrap dress … [Continue reading]

Weekend Sales

It's Saturday and there's lots a lot of sales going on this weekend.  Here's a few we love including our recommended products below.  The items may … [Continue reading]