Tall Personal Shopping: What to Wear as a Court Reporter

Client: 6'1" tall, 49 years old works as a court reporter. Size: 14 with a 35" inseam length. Size 12 shoes. Wants: Help in finding clothes. She basically has 2 pair of black knit pants that she interchanges with blouses. She hates shopping and doesn't know what looks good together. Budget:  Moderately priced.   Tall Snob Responds:  I can see your dilemma. You work in an environment where the judge wears a bulky robe that masks every bit of body shape.  You are trying to cover the case without being the focus of the case. Does this mean you need to dress like a nun? No! You can still be a stylish women while still looking professional.  Now having said that, I don't suggest you wear fluorescent colors or get an extreme hairstyle.  But, you can office appropriate colored suits with a pretty accessory such as a shiny necklace. A few guidelines: Suits in darker colors, grays or tans. Classic pumps with low to medium heels. Blouses with at least short to long … [Read more...]

Surely You’ve Heard about Asos New Tall Collection!

You may or may not have caught my post over at Tall Clothing Mall about Asos adding a new tall line.  Tall women everywhere are doing the happy dance!  The line is geared for women 5'9" and above.  So, at the time of my post, there was just a handful of items, but a lot of them have sold out and they've added some different styles. Here's a few I would wear:  Tall Kimono Heart Elbow Tall Sweater Tall Pencil Skirt - with unique wrap style View the complete women's tall collection here. Are you as excited as I am about this new collection? Let's discuss! By the way, it's Frugal Friday - see 15 items under $50. … [Read more...]

Tall Cashmere and Plaid Outfit

Are you ready to upgrade your work wardrobe this year? Some of you have expressed to me that you are trying to find high quality items you can mix and match into your wardrobe that will last for many years.  Cashmere is one of those fabrics with staying power. It looks beautiful and feels amazing on your skin. The sweater in this outfit is one of those items that you'll  want to splurge on as you will thank yourself, especially since it's on sale! Tall Cashmere Sweater.   Tall Denim Shirt.  Tall Plaid Skirt - 28" long. Tall Wool Coat. Plaid Scarf. Not Rated by Naughty Monkey Tall Black Boots to size 13. I have these boots and they come up to my knees. I have thicker calves and love that they fit them well without falling down. You may also like this mint to be work outfit. … [Read more...]

Mod Office

If I didn't work for home, I'd wear this to an office. I love all of these pieces especially the hot pink tall peplum sweater!  Pink Tall Peplum Sweater. Tall Pencil Skirt. Draped Tall Wool Coat. B.F.T. Kitten Heels to size 15. McKlein Laptop Bag. Link Necklace. You may also like this post about what type of heels to wear to work or other tall peplum posts. … [Read more...]

Tall Wardrobe Capsule for Working College Student

School's back in session for my kids which means I'll be back to regular posting.  Today I'm sharing a tall personal shopping request for a tall college student. Client: 6'5" tall woman in college. Size 12. 35" - 36" inseam length. Size 13 shoes and wants the heel height under 1/2". Special Info: Emily goes to a religious college which has a modest dress code requiring covered shoulders and skirts to the knee.  She normally wears t-shirts and shorts to classes, but recently got a new job that requires her to dress up.  For her job she is a recruiter and needs to look professional but has nothing professional looking in her closet. Emily needs help as she doesn't know how to dress or how to get started. She will need to wear these clothes for at least 2 years and is hoping to have a mix and match wardrobe.  Her budget is $600-$800 to get started. She will then be able to buy 2 more clothing items per month. Tall Snob Responds:  I get the whole modesty thing as I live … [Read more...]

Affordable Tall Gray Suit

The great thing about buying suits separates is that if you are a different size on the top, vs. the bottom you can buy the size you need for a customized fit.  I came across this affordable tall gray suit which comes in separates and in 4 colors, but I like the gray. The gray has a subtle plaid pattern with a purple stripe.  I'm loving the sheath dress, suit jacket and pants, but I'm thinking the skirt at 24" long is too short for my legs and for my age. If you love this look, snag it fast as some sizes are selling out! Tall Suit Jacket.    Trapunto Tall Pants - 35" inseam Tall Sheath Dress.    Tall Pencil Skirt - 24" long. May not be long enough for some tall women. Purple Tall Blouse.    Nine West Flax Purple Heels to size 14. Purple Envelope Clutch You may also like these tall suit separates. … [Read more...]

After the Beach Tall Outfit

I'm really wishing I could figure out a way to head to the beach before Summer is gone, but alas I'm having to vicariously live through some of you.  I've mentioned before that I love nautical style clothing and living in Utah is not helping me out! But, hey I can wear nautical styles anytime. Right??? If I were headed the beach, I'd wear the following tall outfit for a casual dinner, and shopping after a day of fun.  If you don't like the nautical twist, change up the accessories. It's a rare day that I find a tall denim pencil skirt, so check it out! Navy Striped Cardigan with 3/4 sleeves.   Navy Crew Tall T-Shirt Tall Denim Pencil Skirt.   Anchor Printed Boat Shoes to size 12. Blu Bijoux Anchor Earrings.    Cole Haan Tote Bag Is anyone headed to the beach soon? Can I be your butler? … [Read more...]

Tall Project Remix: Guest Post via Long Leggy

Today we are thrilled to have a guest post from our friend - Bethany of LongLeggy. Tall Project Remix - Tips & Tricks for creating a Tall Remixable Wardrobe Have you ever found yourself standing in your closet, staring at the myriad of items hanging there and feeling like you don't have a blooming thing to wear?  This was happening to me WAY too often.  I was even beginning to wish I could just wear a uniform to work.  After discovering the blog Putting Me Together by Audrey, I realized I was having this daily wardrobe crisis because I didn’t own enough "remixable" pieces. My haphazard shopping would result in me buying stuff that was all over the color and style spectrum.  I also had a bad habit of buying “loner” pieces that can only be worn one way (such as one trick pony shirts that I can’t tuck, belt or layer). Clearly, I needed a strategy!! Enter Project Remix. My focus for 2013 has been to remix my current garb (translation figure out different ways to wear what I … [Read more...]

Tall Leopard Print Skirt

This tall leopard print skirt and outfit is stylish for wearing this Summer and into the Fall. By keeping the accessories in neutral tones, you won't get overwhelmed by the print. It's fun to step outside your comfort zone and try a new look.   Vintage Tall Lace Accented Shirt.   Tall Leopard Print Pencil Skirt. B.F.T. Cabo Wedges.  Quilted Hobo Bag. Would you wear leopard print? Perhaps you'll be inspired by Kloe Kardashian. … [Read more...]

Standout in Blue – Tall Graphic Skirt

When I found this gorgeous tall graphic skirt, I had to show it off in an outfit post! It's modern and has a trendy watercolor effect.  I've paired the skirt with a solid colored blouse and accessories,  as I want the skirt to be the star in this outfit. The other items compliment the skirt without competing.  Tall Forest Blur Tube Skirt    Tall Lace Blouse Twisted Green Bead Necklace   Nine West Metallic Blue Wedges to size 12.  Nine West Hampton Tote Now get out there and turn some heads! … [Read more...]

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