Tips for Coping With Plantar Fasciitis

This Summer I began a mission to lose weight and start running 5Ks again.  It has been quite a while since I ran, in fact longer than I care to admit.  The last few years have been riddled with health problems and I finally felt good enough for a new challenge. There's nothing like turning 40 to give the motivation to get this body feeling great once more!  So I started with the Couch to 5K app and I was hooked. By simply listening to the app every day on my phone, I felt like I had a personal trainer in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk. It's was simple and fun.  After a month, I had lost 10 lbs and was feeling stronger every day. However at about 5 weeks in, my feet began to hurt really bad. For another week I ignored the pain and took Ibuprofen.  However one morning when I got out of bed, I could hardly walk. The pain was so intense I knew it was time for an evaluation. PLANTAR FASCIITIS - is the diagnosis. My diagnosis from 10 years ago was now back again.  No! I … [Read more...]

Weekend Tall Outfit with Watercolor Pants

It's the weekend! Don't you wish you were wearing this outfit? I am in LOVE with these water-colored wide-leg pants! They have a bit of vintage throwback vibe to them.  Pair them with this proportionally tall t-shirt and accessories and you're going to be one cool, tall drink of water!   Crew Neck Tall Black T-Shirt - versatile item that easily dresses up or down. Floral Wide-leg Pants - tall size is 36.5" Inseam, regular is 33.5" inseam. Wear these beautiful pants to the office or as casual wear. Beaded Ombre Necklace.   Black Tote Bag.   Munro Booties - to size 14. View more tall outfits here.   … [Read more...]

Casual Christmas Tall Outfit

I know it's crazy to be talking about Christmas in September (but is it?!) but I stumbled upon this adorable sweater a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to share it with you.  While I'm a big fan of red sweaters, sometimes I wonder at just how many holiday get togethers can you rock that same red sweater and get away with it?  It's fun to take a holiday or "theme," and do something a little unexpected with it.  While I think anyone with a youthful attitude and some style can rock this look, it certainly fits the bill for our young readers.  If you're really going casual it'd look adorable with a pair of Ugg Boots as well. Tall Stag Sweater.  Steve Madden City Style Satchel. Women's The Rockstar Skinny Tall Cords. Kling Tight Bootie. Up to size 14. See another look for this sweater here. … [Read more...]

Wearing Heels to Work- Ideas for Tall Women

This is a guest post by author: Suzy Walsh Tall women and heels often seem to be a tricky condition, because the moment you wear a pair of high heels, the attention is all on your feet. Many women with a height of 5’10 or more admit that they love wearing heels, especially to the office. Wearing heels at work is always a pleasurable idea, but often the tallness comes in between. Here are some smart tips to have an idea on how you can take height on your side and enjoy heels more in the office. {Image Credit} Stick to kitten heels: There is something about kitten heels that make them such a perfect choice for work. In general, the heel size is more or less close to 1.5 inches, so your feet will not draw too much of attention. Without being as attention-grabbing as stilettos, you can still manage to carry the style with ease. Since you are at work, be more sober with the style choices. While buying shoes online, make sure to check the brand for better comfort. High heeled … [Read more...]

Tall Cowgirl Outfit

Last week was our county fair and I can't believe what a huge deal it is here! Since it was our first Summer back in Utah, it seems like the entire place folds up and goes to the fair.  I've never seen so many western style outfits in my life. It's confessional time:  When I first met my future husband, I had a hard time feeling really attracted to him. It's weird because he's dang good-looking, and the sweetest guy I know. It's just that I couldn't get past his cowboy belt buckle. You see, I never liked cowboys! Where I grew up, {just 45 minutes from here, but in the city, and seemingly a lot different} the cowboys were the trouble makers in my high school and it was hard to get past that stigma.  And with the way he dressed, I thought he was a cowboy.  But, really he wasn't, it's just how they dressed in Western Colorado. To make a long story short, it took seeing him in some different clothes to totally fall in love with him.   I know, it's totally SHALLOW, but I guess women can … [Read more...]

Hurry 6 Hour Shoe Sale at Barefoot Tess

Run, on over to Barefoot Tess as they are having an awesome shoe sale! Save an extra 40% off shoes via code 40OFF.  My pick is this B.F.T. coral sandal - also available in 3 other colors to size 15.  New arrivals are excluded.     … [Read more...]

Color Crush: Coral and Yellow

Have you noticed I almost always follow one post with a related one?  I don't know why--I think I just have a hard time turning my brain off! Once I start thinking of a particular theme the wheels keep spinning even when the blog post is complete.  Well it's happened again--this time with the chic color combo I posted a few days ago.  After featuring it I couldn't get it out of my head...and I started seeing it everywhere.  I figured I might as well act on it!  I've chosen a handful of perfectly chic items in the colors coral (or a burnt orange really) and yellow.  Both have always been favorite colors of mine. Now a word of caution: I usually try to choose items from diverse partners but today I couldn't help but choose almost every item from the same partner store! It's difficult not to favor this partner since it is affordable, on trend, and offers a variety of tall items!  So I apologize and I promise going forward I'll keep the diversity up.  But for now, feast your eyes on these … [Read more...]

June 2013 Monthly Recap

It's July. We're in the thick of Summer and it's hot! Hopefully you're having lots of fun and finding somewhere to cool off. The 4th of July festivities are in a few days and it's one of my favorite holidays!  But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let's recap all of the great posts from June. Women's Tall Outfits: White, Chambray & Navy Tall Outfits Featuring Espadrilles 7 Pieces, 7 Outfits Professional Tall Summer Outfits Tall Camo Pants & Outfit Tall 4th of July Looks Green & Blue - Nautical Inspired Gray & Turquoise Preppy Tall Outfit Fuchsia Tall Blouse & 38" Inseam Jeans Shoes: Flat Espadrilles Striped Espadrilles - which one costs more? Are You Too Tall For Heels? Dresses & Skirts 3 Tall Skirts Review Misc: Figure Flattering Alternative to Shorts Printed Tall Tunics Mid Shorts NaTALLia is Famous … [Read more...]

Pinspiration: White, Chambray, & Navy

I'm at it again.  Browsing Pinterest to be inspired.  And why not take you along for the journey?  Today I'm featuring this classy look: {this pin} simple? check.  modern? check. stylish? check. Here's a very similar look for the tall gal: Women's Tall Chambray Shirts. Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jean. X-long. Tall Schoolboy Blazer in Navy. Sam Edelman Gigi. Up to size 13. T. Tahari Pleated Double Zip Hobo. Tailored Pearl Pendant Necklace. Jessica Simpson Gold Stackable Bangles. Happy Pinning, … [Read more...]

Summer Outfit Inspiration Featuring Espadrilles

A couple of days ago I posted an espadrille round up.  As I was writing and putting together the post I couldn't help but dream up cute outfits to match the fun shoes I found.  Here are a few ways to work espadrilles into your summer wardrobe! Enjoy: Women's the Rock Star Denim Tall Capris. Cream Lace Tunic. Lace Up Espadrille up to size 11.5 Embellished Tall Knit Dress. Roxy Handbag. Ugg Indah Marrakech up to size 12. 1969 Chambray Tall Shirt Dress. 7 Hills Wide Plaque Waist Belt. Fitzwell Aubrey up to size 13. Which is your fave?  I'm digging #3... … [Read more...]