Personal Shopping: Semi-Formal Tall Outfit for NYC

Client: 5'10" tall, 31 years old, 140lb. Sizes: XS, Small or 4 in the waist, 34" Inseam, Rectangle Shape, Size 11 Shoe Budget: $100 budget (give or take) Wants:  Semi-formal attire for a trip to New York traveling in mid-May. She's need a complete look to wear to her aunt's 70th birthday party. She doesn't like heels, but should possibly wear a kitten heel. She likes her clothes to come below her knees and likes casual/contemporary styles.  She normally wears t-shirts with jeans or capris and sandals and needs help with dressing up her style. "Due to me being on the skinner and tall side it has always been difficult for me to find clothing that “I” feel  look good on me."   Tall Snob Responds:  Thank you for reaching out for suggestions. It sounds like a fun trip for you to get together with your family.   I've put together two looks for you, but did find it impossible to stay within your budget with accessories.  The first one is for a dress, be sure and choose the … [Read more...]

Personal Shopping: Tall Travel Dresses

Client: 5'10" tall, 50 years old Sizes: Size 12, 36DD chest (sometimes 38). Shoes size 10. Budget: Whatever it takes if something fits and looks good! Wants: "I am going to Italy in June and have a trip for Memorial day in Chicago and it would be nice to have some nice new stuff for these trips. I love summer dresses - above the knee slightly - I like short sleeves rather than totally sleeveless but sleeveless is fine too as long as the bra straps are totally covered and the boob area isn't too revealing... I don't mind a bit of cleavage but I don't want my big boob bra to show! I'm a bit thicker in the middle but working diligently on that."   Tall Snob Responds:  I love that you directed me to your Facebook profile as I was able to stock look at your photos and style and see that you're a really beautiful and young looking 50!  For my picks in tall travel dresses, I included a mix of casual vs. dressier styles. Many of the dresses can be worn with sandals or … [Read more...]

Tall Personal Shopping: Day to Night Dress for Vacation

Client: 6'0" women Size: 6, 36" inseam Budget: $50 Request: My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Washington DC this summer.  I'd like a tall summer dress that I can wear during the day while sightseeing but that can be dressed up for an evening out.: Tall Snob Responds: I love this request! It's very realistic- when you travel you don't want to over pack so it's important that clothing items pull double duty.  In addition $50 is a reasonable price for a day time dress (though magazines would have you believe that $150 is "normal." Don't you hate that?!).  I probably should have requested the client's age for a more specific search but here's what I came up with (and keep reading for some tips on taking dresses from day to night!). All dresses are under $50, with many falling under $40. Other than the dress on the top right, I consider these dresses ultra feminine in style.  The top right is a bit more classic with its shape and navy and white stripes. Tall Blue … [Read more...]

Tall Personal Shopping: Tall, Plus Size Professional Feels Frumpy

Client: 5'10" tall woman, 49 year old Sizes:  Her weight fluctuates between 14W - 2X. She is currently a size 2X. Chest is a 42DD. Somewhat of an apple shape with a flat rear area.  35" inseam length.  Other Notes: - Empire waist is not flattering on her body and she feels insecure with bare upper arms. "Her closet is a fashion nighmare." Wants:  She works in an office selling property insurance and needs clothes for work.  She loves the preppy look and is inspired by Steve Nicks. Budget:  Tight, but can make exceptions for fabulous pieces.   Tall Snob Responds:  I understand that when you feel frumpy you think everything looks bad on you, whether it does or not.  I think your issue with empire waists is that with being tall, the empire may not even hit under your chest.  Plus with a big chest, you often see the empire curve really adding extra emphasis to your chest.  You get a bust roll and then viola the girls are definitely defined and curved. However, you … [Read more...]

Tall Personal Shopping: What to Wear as a Court Reporter

Client: 6'1" tall, 49 years old works as a court reporter. Size: 14 with a 35" inseam length. Size 12 shoes. Wants: Help in finding clothes. She basically has 2 pair of black knit pants that she interchanges with blouses. She hates shopping and doesn't know what looks good together. Budget:  Moderately priced.   Tall Snob Responds:  I can see your dilemma. You work in an environment where the judge wears a bulky robe that masks every bit of body shape.  You are trying to cover the case without being the focus of the case. Does this mean you need to dress like a nun? No! You can still be a stylish women while still looking professional.  Now having said that, I don't suggest you wear fluorescent colors or get an extreme hairstyle.  But, you can office appropriate colored suits with a pretty accessory such as a shiny necklace. A few guidelines: Suits in darker colors, grays or tans. Classic pumps with low to medium heels. Blouses with at least short to long … [Read more...]

Personal Shopping: Business Casual Wardrobe for Tall Woman

Client: Age 26, 6'3" tall. Sizes:  8-10, 37" inseam, size 10 shoes (no heels please) Wants:  Business casual outfits that can also double as outfits for going out with friends. She loves outfits with bright colors in trendy styles similar to a "short" person's wardrobe. Tall Snob Responds: I've tried to give you as much as a mix and match wardrobe as I can.  By keeping the bottoms in neutral colors of tan and navy blue, it's easy to mix and match all the tops and sweaters. The accessories will also match all the items.  I hope this helps to maximize your budget.  I did tend to go overboard on the polka dots, so I hope you love dots. It seems like they are everywhere this season. As far as creating items similar to a short person's wardrobe, I have no expertise there and I'm not going to pretend that I do. Please embrace your height and play up your assets as you are unique and gorgeous and I sincerely want you to believe that!  Striped Tall Peplum Top. Tall Cardi. Tall … [Read more...]

Personal Shopping: 37 Inseam Pants in Tans & Black

Client: 6'4", in her mid 50's. Size:  34" waist, 42" hips, 37" inseam length. Wants: Pants similar to "Dockers" in khaki, mocha, black and brown. Style Challenge:  She says she is having a hard time finding pants that fit as she has a flat behind.  She prefers mid-rise pants with straight leg styles. Tall Snob Responds:  You mentioned that you had purchased some pants from Alloy, but returned them as they cater to younger clients.  I'm going to agree with you that although their pants are affordable, they are most likely not age appropriate for you. Unfortunately, its slim pickings for what you want.  So, I am listing the one that I have found. You will have to try them on and see if they fit and return them if not. Here are the current options: Straight Cut Tall Suit Pants - in 36" or 38" inseam. Also in tan. Pendelton Destination Pants - 37" Inseam Perfect Tall Khaki Pants - 37" Inseam. I hope this helps and if anyone else have an idea of pants that may … [Read more...]

Tall Personal Shopping: Tall Jeans & Non-Clinging Tops

Client: 60 years old. Size 12 Wants: Affordable 33"-34"  inseam jeans that fit her well. She says she has long legs, but doesn't want high waist jeans. Tops: Wants non clinging tops as she has some tummy bulge. Note: She has recently lost weight and gone from a size 20 to a size 12. She included photos for me to reference. She likes low maintenance clothes. Krista Responds:  Congrats on your weight loss!  As tall women, it can sometimes takes losing a whole lot of weight before anyone notices the difference. I commend you on your efforts to keep going and get down to your goal! You deserve a whole new wardrobe after all that hard work. Woot! Woot! Tall Outfit 1:  For this first outfit, I've given you a cute polka dot top and jeans and then added bright accessories.  Tall Polka Dot Tunic. Curvy Tall Jeans - 33" or 35" Inseam Coral Earrings. Ivanka Trump Coral Tote.   Coral Flats to size 12 Tall Outfit 2 Yummie Tummie Long Shaping Tank Top - holds you in.  Tall … [Read more...]

Tall Personal Shopping: Timeless Clothing

Client: Tall Woman, age 38 Size: 10/12 in pants with 33" inseam. Jacket tops - Size 16 due to broad shoulders.  Shoes - size 12.5 - 13. Wants: Timeless clothing that she can wear to work, happy hour and a dinner out with her hubby. She loves tailored clothes, but needs separates as she has to buy jackets several sizes larger due to wide shoulders. She also has slim hips, so dresses need altering. Favorite Colors: Red, cream and brown. To Work & Happy Hour   Tall Peplum Top -  Balances out the wide shoulders by adding definition to the hips and slimming the waist. Cropped Pant - long sizes have 27.5" inseam.  Here's another choice in full-length pants. Classic Tall Trench Coat - to drape over the outfit. J Renee Wedge Shoes - to size 13. Work & Dinner Date You mentioned that you can't wear dresses as you can't get the sizing right.  I'm suggesting you get a custom made dress to fit all of your issues.  This dress is nice because the v-neck draws your … [Read more...]

Tall Prom Dresses 2014

Here's the tall prom dresses for 2015.  I'm starting to get requests for tall prom dresses.   The latest was from Catherine who is trying to help her 6'4" tall daughter find a prom dress. This is an exciting time for teen everywhere, but for tall women, it can be a stress-filled time as the reality sets in of trying to find a tall prom dress. First off, there are very few actual tall prom dress, so I've also included other items that may work. A word of caution as even the custom made dresses, may not fit you well through the bodice area. Please leave time to get custom items made and be sure to check out the shipping time frame and return policies before ordering. I've included prom dresses for tall women of all heights. Tall Prom Dresses  Tall Prom Dress Let's check out the custom options.  Sweetheart Prom Dress - custom made to your size and height for around $20 more. Many colors. One Shoulder A-Line, custom made to your size and height. Also pick custom … [Read more...]