Who Wants to Win $350?

Over at our other site, Tall Clothing Mall, we are giving away $350 in Paypal cash to celebrate our 7th anniversary. It's easy to enter. The details are found here. … [Read more...]

I ♥ Pilates

If you're a newsletter subscriber, you may remember that in one of the Christmas gift guides, Tiffany suggested buying a Roku.  She was so convincing that I bought Mr. Tall a Roku player.  If you're not familiar with what it is, it's a small media player that hooks into your television and connects to your WIFI. You can then broadcast Amazon movies easily as well as hundreds of other channels. Think of it as the ultimate remote control. Mr. Tall loves it, but I may love it even more. I missed the "Downton Abbey" craze and am now watching all the episodes via my Roku stream.  I just about fell over when my teen sons admitted that they love the show too! :) Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you today is that I love the Pilates Anytime Channel! You know me, when I love something, I share it with you.   I'm still on the 15 day free trial period of this channel and I must say that I'm enjoying it.  My feet are doing my better after my plantar fasciitis, but I'm not … [Read more...]

The Backpack Trend

We're seeing a new trend for Spring and it comes in the form of a backpack.  The good thing is that backpacks can be worn anywhere and are especially handy if you're trying to juggle groceries and keep the kids in check. Although you probably are picturing backpacks being worn casually with jeans, we're seeing designer backpacks for the corporate woman too. Tans and blacks are always safe if you're not sure about this trend. New Look Formal Backpack. Metallic Quilted Backpack. Frye Leather Backpack. Tulu Polkdot. Map Backpack. Leather Foldover. Roxy Backpack. Knomo London Laptop Backpack.   Leather Backpack Handbag. Which one is your favorite? I'm going with the map backpack. I'm linking up to Because Shanna Said So.   … [Read more...]

Having Tall Kids – Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote this post, posing the question "Afraid of Having Tall Kids?" It has led to some interesting discussions below the post and over on our Facebook page and on twitter.  However,  some didn't even read the post and blasted me on posing the question.  Others were glad to have these type of discussions. Before you read any further, if you haven't read the first post, please go and read it first. After reading the first article, you will see my real intention. As a mother of five children, I want my children to grow up happy and well-adjusted. I'm proud of my height and want tall people everywhere to be proud of their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. Today on our Facebook page, one of our readers Dawn offered this post and she has given me permission to repost: Dear Krista, I am a follower of your lovely and helpful site on Facebook. I am writing in response to your post on December 27th asking for opinions on the choice to have children when … [Read more...]

Bras Customized For You

A few of you have expressed frustration overly ill-fitting bras.  I just came across a customized bra shopping company.  Check out True & Co as they have an online quiz you can easily shop for a bra that fits. I hope it works for you as when I took the quiz, they said they don't have my size. Yikes! I know I'm large chested, but that's embarrassing!   Good luck!  You may also want to check out this post on custom made bras. … [Read more...]

Afraid of Having Tall Kids?

As a blogger, I get lots of emails and questions and sometimes they have nothing to do with fashion.  I love my readers and am excited that some of you trust me enough with your deepest thoughts. Some of your emails weigh heavy on my mind!  Over the last few years, a few of you have expressed concern and anxiety over your future and fears of being a parent. In particular some of you are extremely anxious about reproducing tall children. Now, I know this is a valid fear for some of you. After all, perhaps you've been bullied or struggled with self-esteem issues you believe have stemmed from your height.  Many of you hold your head high, but secretly are just trying to figure out ways to feel more comfortable in your skin. I understand! Don't think for a moment that I didn't have some of these issues cross my mind. I haven't always been overly confident.  My middle school years were brutal! I had a lot of negative self-talk and internalized the things insecure short boys said to … [Read more...]

Tall Tuesday: Giraffe Print Gift Ideas

It's Tall Tuesday and today I thought I'd feature something totally different, yet something with which we can relate.  Wouldn't you love to find one of these giraffe print gifts under your tree? They are totally fun and enhance our lovely statures!  Giraffe Tote.  Giraffe Print Tall PJs. Giraffe Print Iphone Case.   Giraffe Print Chair. Ralph Lauren Shoes to size 11. Luggage Set. Giraffe Blanket I have so many favorites, but the pjs really rock! Which one do you love? You may also like this post on Giraffe Prints for Giraffes. … [Read more...]

Chicago Tall Clothing Shopping Event

If you live in the Chicago area, you're going to want to check this out. Tall blogger Janice from the fashion blog J Envoy's Tall District and Ann Taylor have teamed up to offer a Chicago tall clothing shopping event coming this Thursday.  Here's the details: Thursday, Nov 21, 2013 from 6:30 pm - 9 pm. at Ann Taylor  - located at 600 N. Michigan Avenue Ann Taylor is bringing in tall sized clothing and shoes up to size 12 for you to try on in the store! Save 20% on your purchase and enter to win prizes. There is also complimentary cocktails.  See the flyer below:   If you live in Chicago, this a great opportunity and perhaps we can try to have other tall stores emulate this model of occasionally bringing in tall clothing for us to physically try on in store! Please RSVP to the event here. If you are interested in similar events like these, could you please leave a comment here on this Facebook thread of your location if you are interested in future in store events. Post by Tall … [Read more...]

Funky Socks

If you're a sock fan, you may want to check out the funky socks at Argoz. They specialize in argyle socks, ties and scarves. The sizing is unisex. Here's how it works: Regular size fits up to a women's size 9.5 and the large size fits up to size 14.5.  The knee-high socks fit up to size 11.  Check out more accessories here. … [Read more...]

Help Height Goddess Get Their Tall Clothes in Department Stores

Of course you would! So join us as we support Height Goddess in their Kickstarter Campaign. Height Goddess is trying to raise additional funding to buy equipment needed to sell tall clothing in department stores. Can't you just envision yourself shopping with your friends and actually being able to try on clothes in the dressing room??? What a concept!  They could revolutionize the way we shop to clothes.   Let's look at their video: So how can you help?  Go on over to their Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge. You can offer any amount starting at $25 and in return you will get specialized gifts depending on the level you pledge.  They have just 43 days to get their funding and once achieved your credit card will be charged. It's a simple request, but could really make an impact on how you may be able to shop in the future! If you want change in the future, it's important to support those that are willing to make the changes you want! So are you supporting this Kickstarter? … [Read more...]

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