Beauty Box: The Summer Kit

The Summer Kit contains best selling beauty potions, lotions and makeup to keep you looking your best for a for a fun getaway. Check out the kit here. … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas Under $100

Christmas will be here in just 10 days!  Yikes Yippee! Today we've rounded up some beautiful gift ideas that cost under $100. Michael Kors Pocket Scarf.    Personalized Script Name Necklace.  Fitbit Activity Tracker.  Tall Polka Dot Sweater. Tall Cable Knit Sweater.   Modani Leopard Tote.   Ugg Slippers. Gold Flats.  Lancome Beauty Box.  Tall Pajama Pants. … [Read more...]

Tips for Coping With Plantar Fasciitis

This Summer I began a mission to lose weight and start running 5Ks again.  It has been quite a while since I ran, in fact longer than I care to admit.  The last few years have been riddled with health problems and I finally felt good enough for a new challenge. There's nothing like turning 40 to give the motivation to get this body feeling great once more!  So I started with the Couch to 5K app and I was hooked. By simply listening to the app every day on my phone, I felt like I had a personal trainer in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk. It's was simple and fun.  After a month, I had lost 10 lbs and was feeling stronger every day. However at about 5 weeks in, my feet began to hurt really bad. For another week I ignored the pain and took Ibuprofen.  However one morning when I got out of bed, I could hardly walk. The pain was so intense I knew it was time for an evaluation. PLANTAR FASCIITIS - is the diagnosis. My diagnosis from 10 years ago was now back again.  No! I … [Read more...]

Tall Snob Beauty Box: Peppermint Foot Lotion

Today I'd like to share with you a first in a new series called "Tall Snob Beauty Box".  We will occasionally be showing you beauty items that are tried and tested by us.  With cold season upon us, I want to show you one of my secret weapons: Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion This is throwing you off isn't it?  Yes, I did say that this is one of my secret weapons for cold season.  The last few nights my daughter has  been coughing really hard at night, enough that it has woken me up. (And trust me, that's not easy to do.} Never fear, I just grab my peppermint foot lotion, run into her room and slather a generous amount into her feet. She still wears footed pjs, but if she didn't I would then cover her feet with socks. Then since my hands are still covered with this strong scent, I also rub a little on her chest as it opens up the airways and helps her breath calmer. Within a few minutes the coughing stops and everyone gets a great night's sleep. I've done this for years and it … [Read more...]