The 411 on Heels for Tall Women

By: Cinthia Molinar Tall women can potentially pull off any heel height. However, look for comfort and style when shopping for heels. If you can’t strut your stuff in a pair of heels, ditch ‘em! Pants and Heels Remember that high heels shorten the distance between your pant hem and the floor. If you own a pair of pants that are the perfect length with flats, sadly, they’re not going to work with heels. When you do wear pants with heels, make sure to keep the hem no more than 1 inch above the floor. I find that that’s what looks the best. Pants and heels are classic. There isn’t any occasion that doesn’t work with pants and heels. They work for the office or a night out with the girls! BKE Harper Jeans  33" Inseam.  Refine Trousers Jeans in 34", 36" and 38" Inseams Some heel styles that would look good with jeans: Anne Klein Zya - to size 11.   Type Z Rinny - to size 11. Nine West Vividly to size 12. Experiment! As I mentioned above, we tall girls can pull off any … [Read more...]

The Inside Scoop on Skinny Jeans for Tall Women

By: Cinthia Molinar Skinny jeans are a hit and miss with most people. You either love them, or you don’t.  But let me let you in on the secret; it all has to do about how you feel in them. And as it is with most clothing you wear, how you present yourself in them. Being a college "Tall Fashionista", I see skinny jeans very often in women my age, and therefore have been able to observe what works and what does not. With that being said, I have come up with a few guidelines on how you can strut the skinny jean look and feel fabulous doing so. Finding the Perfect Pair Always always always find skinny jeans that fit you. Too tight is a no-no. And too big defies the purpose of skinny jeans. They should hug your body just right and most importantly, you should be comfortable in them. Finding the right length for us tall girls is important too. If you shop online, make sure you carefully read the size charts so that they have a long enough inseam and if you shop in stores, make sure you … [Read more...]

Summer Lovin’ Wedges

By Cinthia Molinar, our college aged "Tall Fashionista".  Cinthia will be a regular contributor to Tall Snob.  It’s summer time! Finally! And you know what that means. . . time to bring out that summer wardrobe that you’ve been eyeing all winter. That oh-so-coveted closet has many of my favorite clothing items, but one that I think every girl should not go without this summer is a good, handy pair of wedges. I absolutely love wedges because they are easy to dress up or dress down, and they never disappoint. And not to mention they are comfy and stylish! What more could one ask for? They can make any outfit into a summer outfit. And since they come in different heights, they are perfect for every woman. If you enjoy staying close to the ground, or just prefer to wear smaller heels period, these one inch to two-inch wedges are the best for you. They’re comfy, but still give your legs a longer, leaner look. And let’s face it, you’re already tall so flaunt it! Even if you’re flaunting … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Pretty Summer Dresses for your Tall Body Shape

By: Joyce Huang Tall women come in all different shapes and that should be embraced. As much as we would like to be, we’re not all molded like Gisele. Whether you have an athletic and straight build, or have lots of curves, there are easy styling tips just for you. We want you to be able to easily dress yourself when you look in your closet, not shake your head in frustration and say “I have nothing to wear.” Keep reading to see inspiration looks, specifically for your body type. THE THIN BUILD When you have a straight and thin build, be happy. Models get paid lots of money to look like you. However, there might be times where you want to create the illusion of curves. Opt for dresses that have ruffles, tiers, prints and embellishments. You want to create volume. We also love belting at the waist to 1) accentuate your tiny waist, but 2) this literally will carve out a curve in your clothing to make give off the look of an hourglass figure. For your accessories, stack a bangle set … [Read more...]