Wearing Heels to Work- Ideas for Tall Women

This is a guest post by author: Suzy Walsh Tall women and heels often seem to be a tricky condition, because the moment you wear a pair of high heels, the attention is all on your feet. Many women with a height of 5’10 or more admit that they love wearing heels, especially to the office. Wearing heels at work is always a pleasurable idea, but often the tallness comes in between. Here are some smart tips to have an idea on how you can take height on your side and enjoy heels more in the office. {Image Credit} Stick to kitten heels: There is something about kitten heels that make them such a perfect choice for work. In general, the heel size is more or less close to 1.5 inches, so your feet will not draw too much of attention. Without being as attention-grabbing as stilettos, you can still manage to carry the style with ease. Since you are at work, be more sober with the style choices. While buying shoes online, make sure to check the brand for better comfort. High heeled … [Read more...]

Tall Project Remix: Guest Post via Long Leggy

Today we are thrilled to have a guest post from our friend - Bethany of LongLeggy. Tall Project Remix - Tips & Tricks for creating a Tall Remixable Wardrobe Have you ever found yourself standing in your closet, staring at the myriad of items hanging there and feeling like you don't have a blooming thing to wear?  This was happening to me WAY too often.  I was even beginning to wish I could just wear a uniform to work.  After discovering the blog Putting Me Together by Audrey, I realized I was having this daily wardrobe crisis because I didn’t own enough "remixable" pieces. My haphazard shopping would result in me buying stuff that was all over the color and style spectrum.  I also had a bad habit of buying “loner” pieces that can only be worn one way (such as one trick pony shirts that I can’t tuck, belt or layer). Clearly, I needed a strategy!! Enter Project Remix. My focus for 2013 has been to remix my current garb (translation figure out different ways to wear what I … [Read more...]

Tall Chambray Review

By now you know I’m a fan of chambray right?  I probably have about 5 chambray items in my closet- some I’ve had for years, some I’ve just purchased.  Like this shirt: Women’s Tall Chambray Shirts.  Does it look familiar?  I wrote about it in this post.  And clearly I couldn’t get it out of my head after that.  I waited a while before pulling the trigger but when I saw it was still hanging out in my cart (and under $20 with discounts), I went for it.  As you saw here, I had a chambray button down but it was darker and I thought this light color would be perfect for summer.  I ordered it and… Pros: runs truer to size.  I usually wear a medium in button downs.  The first chambray shirt I had to return for a small.  This one I ordered in my typical size and it was perfect.  I prefer ordering a medium over a small because they’re usually longer and that was the case here.  The shirt tails are plenty long enough.  I love the light tone and you can’t beat the price! Cons: I know the … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season For Boots!

By: Cinthia Molinar It's winter! And like all of you I've been waiting all year long to break out the boots from my closet. Or better yet, to buy a new pair! I love boots because you can wear them with anything! And not only are they cute, but functional as well. They are the best way to keep you feet warm while looking fabulous! When I think boots, I think of casual or dress up. I find it so convenient to have a pair of both. I did some hunting and came across a pair or two of each that I think will be a great addition to any tall woman's closet! Casual Boots Tamarac - Athena Boots up to size 10 $44.99 Myra Tall Boots - to size 13. Did I mention they’re on sale for $29.99?? Dress Up Boots Dress up boots are fun. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe them. They look great and can automatically turn an outfit from day to night. And good news! Dress up boots don’t have to be heeled! I know that some days I’m not feeling the 3 inch-4 inch deal. And especially if … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Tips and the Latest Fashion Trends for Taller Women

Guest Post By: Clarissa Seaton Each fashion trend that comes and goes has the potential to become the next sensation in the industry. Designers around the world are always looking for new inspirations to dress the models that will display the latest styles. Eventually, these designs find their way into clothing that is worn by countless people around the globe. Unfortunately, the most attractive styles are designed to fit women who fall into a small segment of the population. Tall women are considered to be very attractive, but these women are often unable to find clothes in the latest styles. This is why fashion tips for taller women are so valuable. If you are a taller woman, and you want to be fashionable, here are some tips that you can use to make yourself look amazing. Skinny Jeans For taller women, the legs are the defining feature of the body. Long legs are never out of style, and they should be shown off whenever possible. This is why skinny jeans can be such an … [Read more...]

Fall is Coming – You’ll Fall for These Shoe Trends!

By: Cinthia Molinar Sadly, it’s almost time to wave bye-bye to summer. Not quite yet, so keep giving your summer wardrobe a run for it’s money, but start preparing and bringing out your fall clothes as well. Fall clothing is inspired by more metallic, jewel-like shades so keep that in mind if you’re planning on going shopping! As for today, I’m going to introduce you to some great fall shoes so you can always have your best foot forward! ;) SHOE BOOTS Vera Wang - to size 11 Nine West - to size 10 POINTY TOES Fitzwell -Pumps to size 14 Paul Mayer - Quilted Heels to size 13 Try the pointy toe look with shoes like the ones above. These are great for comfort and fashionable to make a statement at work or a party. Pointy toed shoes are also great for making long legs look leaner and thinner. I love how professional they can look when paired with the right outfit.  PATTERNS Betsey Johnson - hounds tooth print - to size 10   Chinese Laundry - dalmatian print - to size … [Read more...]

How To Give Your Activewear a Workout

By: Liz Mayers Gilda Radner said, “I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.” Funny lady!  For me, when it comes to activewear it also shouldn’t itch but is shouldn’t ride up, bind pull, scratch, chafe, rub, pinch, make noise, and it should be proportioned for my long torso!  I guess I expect a lot. When shopping for activewear, put your tops and bottom through this workout and find out whether they’ll work for you. TOPS  Reach For Your Toes and Up To the Sky Now, where has the bottom hem landed?  Where it started?  Or is it hiking up and you’re showing skin? Are you ok with what’s showing? If not, will you mind pulling it down all the time? That’s a personal pet peeve of mine. If you have a long torso finding tops long enough can be a challenge. There’s no easy solution when there’s not enough fabric. So think about when you’re going to wear this top.  It may be perfect for walking, hiking, and running but not for biking, volleyball, or yoga. Aside from … [Read more...]

YEEHAW! Cowboy Boots!

By: Cinthia Molinar Lately I’ve had an obsession with cowboy boots. It might be due to the summer festivities in the small town that I’m from. Regardless, I think that cowboy boots have come a long way from the ranch. We see them now on celebrities and more and more people are starting to realize how these boots, once worn for working, can be stylish! I love cowboy boots because they look great with jeans or a dress! And like any good shoe, you can wear them to almost any occasion. I realize that some of you out there are a little skeptical of the cowboy boot, and maybe it’s not your style and that’s fine! But for those of you who want to try it out, let us help you out in finding some good ol’ cowboy boots and putting together a great outfit! It’s most likely that you won’t have to buy any new clothing items. You probably already have enough items laying around! Like a good pair of jeans- an old pair of jeans that are a little worn and torn work great. As for tops, a plaid top … [Read more...]

Women’s Tall Workout Shirts

By: Cinthia Molinar This past weekend I attended a 5K mud run that included 13 different obstacles and lots of mud! However, while I was running I had some problems with my clothing - my work out shirt was too short for my long torso so it kept riding up which had me pulling it down every couple of minutes. Talk about annoying! Needless to say, the race was super fun but I wish I could have had a longer shirt to enjoy it more. Well for all you work out women out there, I decided that this could no longer be a problem, so I set out to find long work out shirts that are comfortable and stylish. And I want to share my success with you! Out of the shirts that I looked at, I loved these because a) they are long enough for tall women and b) they have lightweight spandex fabric ( I love spandex). Tall Tank Tops PR Tall Tank Top Work out tank tops are great because they’re lightweight and many, such as this one, include a built-in sports bra. This particular tank top is fitted but … [Read more...]

Go Big or Go Home!

By: Cinthia Molinar Everyone is aware of the oversized accessories that celebrities wear these days. And unfortunately, some people look like they’re playing dress up trying to pull them off. However, tall women can essentially pull off oversized accessories better than most, Lucky us! Because of our height, we can go big on accessories and strut them with dignity! It's all about keeping our accessories in proportion with our size. So large is fabulous! My favorite oversized accessory is the giant bag. Who wouldn’t love something to carry more stuff around with them?! I love my stuff! As I’m sure most of you do. A purse is an accessory that is worn almost every day, so why not go big? Big bags work with jeans and a tank top, or a skirt and a nice blouse. It’s an accessory that is worth investing in because you can use it again and again. Big Handbags Featured above from left to right in rows: Harvey's "Seatbelt Bag" Dooney & Bourke "Large Tulip Shopper" Dooney & … [Read more...]