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krista mayne owner of tall snobMy name is Krista Mayne, and I’m not really a tall snob – but I am tall – 6’1″. I just want good quality tall, clothing that fits! I am the owner of Tall Clothing Mall – which I started after my frustration of trying to find clothes that fit. I hope this blog will be a great help to you. If you ever need help locating something special, feel free to contact me at Krista@TallClothingMall.com.

On another note:  I’m also tired of the media portraying all tall women as model thin and wearing extremely tight, short  and improper clothing. I try to highlight normal clothing that tall women can wear without tugging or pinning (basically clothing I want my daughter to wear). I love my height and want to be portrayed as a fashionable and properly dressed woman.
My beliefs.

+Krista Mayne.

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