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I bought my first tall plaid shirt last year and couldn’t believe how much I wore it.  Plaid is no longer just for lumberjacks or aficionados of the 1990s flannel shirt trend. You can now find tall plaid skirts, pretty button-ups blouses, tunics, pants, shoes and more!  I’m thrilled to be seeing so many tall plaid styles for women this year and can’t wait to beef up my plaid collection.

Here are a few styles that caught my eye: women's tall plaid

Plaid linen-blend tunic (Up to size XXL; Also available in red plaid)

Tall tunics are one of my all time favorite clothing items and I love the blue plaid fabric of this tunic.  It would look great with tall white jeans, black jeans or just jeans! The tunic comes in a breathable linen/cotton blend.

Over-the-knee Boots: (Up to size 12; Available in 4 widths)

I just love the plaid detail on these over-the-knee boots.  To make it even better, the boots can be adjusted to fit larger calfs and come in 4 different widths!

Plaid tall midi skirt (Up to size XXL)

Midi skirts are a great style for warmer fall days.  This breezy skirt has rave reviews and can easily be dressed up or down.

Plaid Infinity Scarf 

If you’re hesitant to take the plaid plunge, why not start small with a scarf? The bright colors of this infinity scarf will allow you to wear it in the spring as well as fall.

Plaid Leather Loafer (Up to size 12; Available in 4 widths)  

This plaid loafer has just a hint of plaid and will look great with jeans, dresses, skirts or dress pants.

Black/white plaid button-up

One of the perks of a button-up blouse is that you can style it several ways.  I vary the way I wear my plaid tall button-up by tying the ends, layering it over a dress, wearing it under a blazer or simply wearing it unbuttoned over a tank top.  Since this blouse is a neutral black/white print, it can be easily be worn in all seasons including spring and summer.  Another perk is that it’s a “non-iron” fabric. Huzzah!

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