Tall Striped Top – Styled 2 Ways

A tall striped shirt is such a versatile piece for your tall wardrobe. At first glance, this black and white tall striped top may look plain and basic. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many pieces you can pair it with. I know my tall striped tops have quickly become go-to favorites for fall, winter and early spring.

Here’s how I’ve styled the top:

Dressed Up

Don’t be afraid to pair this more casual striped top with dressier pieces like a lace skirt and blazer.  The stripes on the shirt and floral lace pattern on the tall skirt create some subtle pattern mixing.  And guess what?! The skirt is currently on sale for only $29 and the blazer is on sale for $55!

Dressed Down

Early fall is often not quite chilly enough to warrant wearing a jacket or coat.  The long-sleeves of the top combined with the vest and a pair of jeans should be just the right amount of coverage to keep you warm on those slightly brisk fall days.
tall striped top

Tall Striped Top.    Tall Grey Blazer – (On sale for $55).   Tall Lace Skirt (On sale for $29)

Tall Vest.    Tall colored jeans.


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