A Perfect Pair: Tall Maxi Skirts and V-Neck Tees

Tall white V-neck tees – how I love thee! Let me count the ways.

1) You’re perfect for layering

2) You look amazing with jeans

3) You’re a blank slate for all kinds of accessories

4) You look fantastic tucked into skirts with a belt

In case it’s not already obvious, I’m a big fan of white V-neck tees.  You may be hesitant to try a white tee because stains are hard to remove or because white tops are sometimes too sheer.  I’ve learned not to spend a bundle on white tees because they do inevitably attract stains and need to be replaced somewhat frequently.  The featured V-neck tee is reasonably priced (and it also goes on sale quite a bit) making it is a good option for a white tee that you can buy again and again without breaking the bank.  Based on the reviews of the tee featured in this look, the 100% cotton material is thick enough to avoid the dreaded see-through effect.

One of my favorite ways to wear a white tee is with a tall maxi skirt, a belt and some fun accessories for a “high/low” look.  The skirt and accessories provide the “high” or dressy element while the tee and belt adds the “low-key” element.

With this print maxi skirt, you’ll also be right on-trend with the palm print styles that I’m seeing everywhere for spring and summer.

how to wear a tall maxi skirt

Tall Palm Skirt.  Tall V-Neck Tee.  Turquoise Necklace.

Laser Cut Belt.  Gold Sandals.

View more tall maxi skirts over at Tall Clothing Mall.

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