A Chic, Comfortable Way to Style Tall White Jeans

Have you taken the plunge into the world of white jeans yet?  I know white denim has been a popular trend in ladies’ fashion for quite awhile, but I was completely scared to try white jeans for the longest time because I didn’t think they would suit my body type. When I finally did decide to try them, it took me ages to find a pair with a 36″ inseam that properly fit my 6’2 frame and curvy hips.

Now that I have a pair of  tall white jeans in my closet, I don’t know how I ever lived without them!  I’m amazed about how many different tops and shoes I can pair them with. When you stop and think about it, the versatility of white jeans shouldn’t be shocking since white is a neutral color and should mix well with basically any other color in the rainbow.  White jeans are virtually a blank slate for building an outfit and I highly recommend you give them a try! I personally style my white skinny jeans with longer tops and tunics because that works best for my body type. Tall tunics with a pretty print are a chic yet comfortable addition to any wardrobe. An interesting print adds a bit of pizzazz to an outfitand, thanks to the length of the tunic, you never have to worry about your top being long enough. Wearing a belt with the tunic helps define the waist and also breaks up the print a bit. Finish the look with a pair of dressy flat sandals and a cute purse.  Voila! Your chic, comfortable look is complete.

tall white jeans and outfit

Floral Lace Tunic.   Tall White Jeans 36″ and 38″ Inseam.
Purse.   Belt.  Aldo Sandals.

beth tall blogger

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