Tall Prom Dresses 2015

Prom season has snuck up on me this year. I went to dinner with Mr. Tall and in came a bunch of prom goers. It was a treat for me to watch the fashion show. But, I realized that I haven’t helped you find your tall prom dresses this year, so it’s time for another roundup:
tall prom dress

TB Dress has this selection of custom sized prom dresses for tall girls. Many styles come in multiple colors. Allow enough time to get them made.

black tall prom dress

Fancy Ladies sells custom sized prom dresses for a small upcharge.

shorter length tall prom dress

Dessy Group has many styles of prom dresses  that can have extra inches added to the length.

tall bridesmaid dresses

Dressale offers custom sized bridesmaid dresses that will also work as tall prom dresses.

Here’s a roundup of ready made tall prom dresses:

Enjoy your day!

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