Diary of a Tall Fashionista: My Crazy Life!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season.  I certainly did and for the first time, we actually went away on a vacation for Christmas.  We have a senior in high school and thought we may not get another chance to take a vacation with all of us together, so we bit the bullet and went for it.  You can read about it here.

tall snob disney world vacation reviewIt’s been a while since I shared much about myself and for some reason I always find the new year to be a good excuse.  So what’s going on with me and my family?

The biggest event was that my oldest son had scoliosis surgery and had 2 rods placed in his back to correct it.  It was a very difficult time, but as of Christmas he has fully recovered and is off all activity restrictions – which meant he could ride everything at Disney World – and he did!

My 2nd son got braces and is a little mad that we waited so long to put them on.  Money $ doesn’t grow on trees {I wish}, so we are doing the best we can. He’s got to just grin and bear it. He’s also got his driver’s licence permit and can’t wait to drive.

The youngest three just started group piano lessons again. It’s nice to hear music in our home again after a 3 year break.

Life has taken a weird shift again and starting today, Mr. Tall is now going to nursing school.  It’s a 2 year fast track program that is super intense. He’s going to be an awesome nurse as he’s the most compassionate man I know. I find him incredibly brave to take this plunge at our age. {#NotSpringChickensAnymore}

As a result, I will be supporting the family for the next two years. I’m a bit overwhelmed by this, but have faith that God will provide. He’s never let me down. :) I hope to accomplish this by blogging here and at Tall Clothing Mall as well as booking vacations at my travel agent site.  I’m also going to start making some tall clothes as I see some opportunities to create items that don’t exist in tall sizes.  It’s going to be a crazy busy, yet exciting year!

If I can ever help you with your personal shopping, I offer this service for free!   I’d also love the opportunity to be your travel agent and I don’t charge service fees.  Please contact me I can make your life better in any way! Thanks for your support and being my friends!

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