PInk Tall Cardigan Review

I was given the opportunity to choose an item for Long Elegant Legs to review. I picked this pink tall cardigan.  I love that it is really long and comes half way down my thighs. I have a long torso so I appreciate the extra length. I’ve been wearing it with leggings and love that it covers my rear.  The sleeves are really long and come past my wrists about half way down my hands. It’s a heavy cardigan with some substance and I’m finding that on chilly evenings when I’m working late, I’m returning to my closet to snuggle up in it. I don’t really have any gripes about it other than it doesn’t really have a shape in the back, but most long cardigans don’t. Overall, this open cardigan is stylish and a keeper.

hot pink tall cardigan

 Check out this pink tall cardigan here.

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