Personal Shopping: Extra Long Lounge Pants

I received a phone call from a woman needing for help in finding women’s extra long lounge pants:

Client: the mother of a 6′ tall daughter. The daughter is in her mid 30’s.

Size: 6-8

Inseam: At least a 37″ length

Wants: Lounge pants as a Christmas present, but if she can’t get them in time, will give them as a birthday present next month.

Here’s your options:

reversible extra long lunge pants

Reversible Lounge Pants – 37″ Inseam


extra long lounge pants

Tall Yoga Pants – 37″ Inseam


french terry tall pants

French Terry Pants – 37″ Inseam


Tall Terry Pants- 37" Inseam

Tall Terry Pants 37″ Inseam


side stripe tall lounge pants 37" inseam

Side Stripe Tall Lounge Pants – 37″ Inseam


extra tall lounge pants womens

Striped Extra Tall Lounge Pants 38″ Inseam


saint grace lounge pants extra long

Saint Grace Pants – 39″ Inseam, My eBay item


st grace ashby pants 39" inseam

St Grace Ashby Pants 39″ Inseam

I hope this helps you in your hunt for women’s extra long lounge pants. I love being your own tall personal shopper, so please contact me if I can ever be of assistance!

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