Tall Trends: Tall Faux Leather

If you want to pick up one trendy item this Fall, I recommend you go for a piece of tall faux leather.  Whether it’s faux leather pants, a shirt or a jacket with faux leather accents, this trend is staying! Plus, faux leather washes better than real and is cheaper too. Now, I’m not saying faux leather is the same or equal to real leather, but I love the look of both.

Style Tip: If you’re in the younger crowd, go ahead and choose any item.  For the middle-aged and up, skip the leather pants and go for a leather jacket or leather-trimmed dress.

tall faux leather trend

Row 1: Tall Faux Leather JacketTTYA Faux Leather Pants. – 34″ Inseam.  Faux Leather Trimmed Pants – 35″ and 37″ Inseam. Tall Ponte Jacket with Faux Leather Trim.

Row 2: High Waist Tall Pleather Leggings – 34″ and 37″ Inseam.  Tall Plaid Skirt with Faux Leather Waistband.   Ponte Tall Dress with Faux Leather Trim.  Tall Jean with Leather- Like Waistband  33″ and 35″ Inseam

I couldn’t  believe all of the tall faux leather clothing out there, so here’s some more items I love. If you’re getting this via email, you’ll have to come to Tall Snob to see the items.

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So what do you think, will you be wearing this trend? Sound off with a comment.

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