Tall Clothing Review: Your Coziest Sweater Awaits

tall shawl sweaterI think the title of this post says it all.  I am in love with my new tall shawl sweater.  Unfortunately I just noticed last night (prior to getting this written!) that it’s nearly sold out in tall sizes.  If you like it, run, don’t walk and order now!  It also comes in graphite and black and while I generally try not to buy several colors of the same clothing item, I’d make an exception for this one.  Here are the things I love about it:tall sweater


-It’s very warm and cozy.  It can actually be worn as a jacket in the chilly (but not freezing) fall months.

-The oatmeal color is the perfect neutral.  You can pair it with brights, brown, or black.

-The sleeves are SO long!  Sometimes the tall items in this partner store aren’t as long, especially in the sleeves, as I’d like them to be.  Not the case with this one!

-It’s perfect to layer with button down shirts or tees.  Even a ruffly or more feminine shirt underneath would look great.

-The price.  With all the sales lately, this is a very affordable layering piece to add to your fall collection.  It’s not so bad full price but I snagged it during a sale.cn8148901

What I don’t like:

I seriously can’t think of anything.  The closet I can come to a complaint is that it is a very warm sweater.  If you get hot easily it might not be for you.  I wore it in the mall the other day and took it off during the excursion.  To me, it’s better than wearing a thick/heavy jacket for the cold temps outside and then having to lug it around once you’re indoors.  And I was wearing little Dax so that might be one reason I got so warm.  So again, it’s great to layer. Also I haven’t washed it yet so the quality after the first wash remains to be seen.

Here’s just one option for styling this cozy sweater:

cozy sweater outfit


Tall Jeans. BootsTall Plaid Shirt.


Obviously I love it!

tiffany - tall snob

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