Taller Than Your Average Line

Taller Than Your Average has teamed up to offer Long Tall Sally a new line for tall women. Irene Abongtaen is the London based fashion stylist and TTYA founder. She is 5’11” tall and a former ASOS fashion stylist.

The 18 piece capsule collection offers young, stylish, high quality pieces that are specifically cut for women 5’8″ or taller. Shot by fashion photographer Alex Sainsbury and modelled by Irene’s close friend Jamie Gunns, the strong 18 piece collection boasts key trend pieces from textured over-size yeti coats, scuba biker jackets to overly distressed denim.

Here are a few items that I’m excited about:

tall fur coat

 Tall Yeti Coat – How fun!

removable collar tall dress

 Removable Collar Dress – Sophisticated Sexy.

scuba tall biker jacket

Tall Scuba Biker Jacket – Love the edgy details.

The collection is available in sizes 4-14, which is my only complaint as a this still leaves out the sizes 16-20.  Hopefully they will consider this in the future.

Check out the Taller Than Your Average Line here.
What do you think of the line? Comment below.

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  1. Hi Krista, I looked at this line this morning, when I clicked on the LTS alert in my inbox, hoping to be thrilled by what I was about to see. Instead, I was disappointed due to the fact that this is just one more overpriced tall clothing store, increasing their lines for the under age 40 consumer and decreasing their inventory for the middle aged customer. Granted the size range is great, but wouldn’t I look ridiculous in these pieces and now more than 50% of LTS catalog?! Doesn’t the retail industry realize that baby boomers are the fastest growing group?! Thanks for listening. Best~Susanne

  2. Krista Mayne says:


    Point taken. I think most designers find it exciting to design for the younger crowd, but more of a challenge for the 40+ crowd. I’m glad there’s more options and hope they’ll consider all age groups in the future. Keep pushing your point!

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