NYDJ for Tall Women

I love the Not Your Daughter’s Jeans brand. My pair of NYDJ is my go to jeans when I want to look my best. They have specially designed panels that seem to suck  me in and whether I look thinner or not, I actually feel thinner.  Being a middle-aged woman, I’m not into low-cut jeans. This brand has mid to higher rises, so there’s not need to worry about panty-peek.  They are expensive, but I’ve had the same pair for two years and wear it every week and it’s not worn out. I am willing to pay more for a few pieces that I feel are worth it.

I’ve gone through and located the online pairs of NYDJ jeans for tall women. Most come in sizes 0-18 and I’ve also listed a few tall, plus size jeans.

nydj skinny jeans tall 36 inseam

NYDJ Janice Skinny Jeans – 36″ Inseam

nydj tall jeans 36 inseam

NYDJ Leggings – 36″ Inseam

Not Your Daughter's Jeans 34" Inseam

NYDJ Skinny 34″ Inseam

tall NYDJ leggings

 NYDJ Leggings – 34″ Inseam

not your daughter's jeans 33" inseam

NYDJ Barbara Bootcut – 33″ Inseam in 3 colors.

NYDJ tall plus size

NYDJ Tall Plus Size Trouser Jeans – 33″ Inseam. 14W – 24W

nydj 33" inseam

NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg – 33″ Inseam

5NYDJ Trouser Jeans – 33″ Inseam

NYDJ tall boot-cut jeans

Sarah Boot-Cut Jeans – 33″ Inseam

 NYDJ plus size jeans 33 Inseam

NYDJ Plus Size, Straight Leg, 33″ Inseam

Do you own a pair of NYDJ jeans? If so, which cut is your favorite? Comment below.

Also, there’s a few tall sales I must tell you about:

Have a wonderful Tall Tuesday!

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