Tall Personal Shopping: What to Wear as a Court Reporter

Client: 6’1″ tall, 49 years old works as a court reporter.
Size: 14 with a 35″ inseam length. Size 12 shoes.
Wants: Help in finding clothes. She basically has 2 pair of black knit pants that she interchanges with blouses. She hates shopping and doesn’t know what looks good together.
Budget:  Moderately priced.


Tall Snob Responds:  I can see your dilemma. You work in an environment where the judge wears a bulky robe that masks every bit of body shape.  You are trying to cover the case without being the focus of the case. Does this mean you need to dress like a nun? No! You can still be a stylish women while still looking professional.  Now having said that, I don’t suggest you wear fluorescent colors or get an extreme hairstyle.  But, you can office appropriate colored suits with a pretty accessory such as a shiny necklace. A few guidelines:
  • Suits in darker colors, grays or tans.
  • Classic pumps with low to medium heels.
  • Blouses with at least short to long sleeves. You may want to remove the blazer and sleeveless shells are inappropriate.
  • Skirt and dresses with to the knee-length or longer styles.
  • Avoid scarves and overly large accessories.

Since you’re only wearing black pants, I’m purposely giving you a mixable wardrobe with navy as the main staple.  Here’s a few outfits I suggest:

Tall Outfits 1 & 2

This outfit features a classic tall sheath dress and blazer. To give you more versatility, you could also wear it with the long sleeve t-shirt underneath and without the blazer.  Don’t worry about the t-shirt being too casual as the sheath and necklace will dress it up for office wear. Plus, this will be your go to t-shirt on your days off. I always like a pop of color when wearing darker colors and this necklace is a guide for you as it’s not overly flashy.
tall court reporter outfit

Tall Outfit 3

what to wear as a court reporter

Take the above blazer and mix with the co-ordinating tall pants. I’ve paired this look with a tall chambray shirt, the same shoes above and a tonal blue stone necklace.

Tall Outfit 4

court reporting outfit
At first glance, you may think this sweater is too bright to wear, but when toned down with the navy accessories it’s perfect. Don’t forget to wear it over your sheath dress and with the pants and blue blouse.

Tall Blouses

Now it’s time to add some additional blouses that you can mix with the above pieces.
women's tall blouses
Tall Lace Blouse – also in off-white. Tall Silk Blouse.
I hope I’ve shown you some options on how to maximize your budget, by using one neutral color, in this case navy and adding items that mix well with it.
women's tall blogs


  1. Great suggestions, Krista. These outfits work for many of us who have to project the more traditional definition of professional. I’d love an entire closet of sheath dresses for the spring and summer. With the price Chadwick is offering these dresses, I might accomplish that goal. Sheaths, always simple, elegant and flexible. It’s a blank canvas. I will add that one option that I have found to work is to wear a button down collared blouse under the sheath, et voila a jumper with or without the blazer and/or necklace. Again love this post. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Susanne!

    Yes, I do believe that these outfits will work for so many professional women. Sheath dresses are a classic and I think I’ve convinced myself to buy the navy one too! Love your suggestion about adding the button down blouse under the sheath dress. There you go, more options! Thanks for commenting.

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