Tall Personal Shopping: Tall, Plus Size Professional Feels Frumpy

Client: 5’10” tall woman, 49 year old
Sizes:  Her weight fluctuates between 14W – 2X. She is currently a size 2X. Chest is a 42DD. Somewhat of an apple shape with a flat rear area.  35″ inseam length. 
Other Notes: – Empire waist is not flattering on her body and she feels insecure with bare upper arms. “Her closet is a fashion nighmare.”
Wants:  She works in an office selling property insurance and needs clothes for work.  She loves the preppy look and is inspired by Steve Nicks.
Budget:  Tight, but can make exceptions for fabulous pieces.


Tall Snob Responds:  I understand that when you feel frumpy you think everything looks bad on you, whether it does or not.  I think your issue with empire waists is that with being tall, the empire may not even hit under your chest.  Plus with a big chest, you often see the empire curve really adding extra emphasis to your chest.  You get a bust roll and then viola the girls are definitely defined and curved. However, you don’t need extra emphasis on the chest – they are all ready in the spotlight whether you want them to be or not.
Pants: You are going to look more balanced with at least boot-cut legs or wider leg pants.  Straight leg pants may work, but you will have to try them on and be the judge. Skinny pants and leggings are not for you.
Shirts: You mentioned that you hate ironing, but let’s try as much as possible to stay away from clingy knit shirts and rather choose wrinkle free shirts or shirts with some substance to help you look more professional.
Let’s get on with some outfits that may work for you

First 2 Options:

These two blouses are tall and they skim over the mid section.  They are in classic black and white, but we are lightening it for Spring with bright accessories.
tall plus size outfit for Spring
Black & White Dotted Shirt  – the shaped darts on this shirt really help define a figure. Plus Size Wrap Blouse – this style is ultra-flattering.
Boot-cut Pants – in 34.5″ inseam or in 36.5″ inseam

Another Work Outfit

tall plus size outfit
Custom Made Blouse – can get longer sleeves too if desired.  This style is slimming.   Gray Pants – 35″ Inseam

Dress Guide

You may be afraid of pattern, but you don’t have to be. As a guide avoid stripes, but an all over pattern will work for you.  Take the following dress as an example.  It’s got a cute eyeglass print.  You can totally customize it to your size. Add longer sleeves and added length to a midi or 3/4 length. The flare on the dress will look beautiful on you.  Also a v-neck is the most slimming on the well endowed ladies. Wear it with the hot pink accessories above for added sass!
custom made dress tall plus size
Custom Made Dress from eShakti.
Wouldn’t you know that I hit publish and was checking my links and it appears this dress style just sold out.  Darn it! But, there are other dresses there that would work for you too. I’m fond of the navy blue polka dot pattern.

Tall Plus Size Blazers

tall plus size blazer
Blazers & Jackets  are hard to find in tall and plus size, but you may want to check out this blazer made by Jessica London. It comes in 7 colors. Throw a blazer over a pair of pants or a flared skirt.
Don’t forget that accessories can make all the difference. A bright scarf or a blingy bracelet can turn an ordinary outfit into something fierce.
Well that’s it for today. I will try to feature more tall, plus sized outfits as I haven’t done one for a while.  I hope this helps you in your quest to look more professional.
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  1. Preppy and Stevie Nicks in the same sentence? I’m confused. That was a challenge Krista and you rose to the occasion. Nice work.

  2. Susanne,
    You nailed it. The Steve Nicks thing really threw me off and I’m not going to pretend it was easy. In fast it took my weeks of thinking about it. But, hopefully it’s somewhat helpful. Wish there were more choices for the tall and plus women though!

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