Winter’s Not Over Yet: Stylish Snow Boots

I know retailers are slashing prices like crazy and moving onto spring.  But if you live in a cold climate like I do, you know we have a good 3 months left of cold, wet, snowy, and/or slushy weather [insert tears here].  I keep trying to move on but as I type the snow is coming down, so before we start highlighting bright and light spring looks, let’s take one last look at a winter topic: snow boots.  It’s tough to look stylish when it’s freezing out.  But these wet and cold weather boots make the snow a bit more bearable.  They range in size availability from size 10 to 12.5 and in price from $29 to $200+.

First a few casual options:

winter boots2

Rubber Duck Sporty Snow Jogger Boot. Rubber Duck Trek Jogger Boot.  The North Face Zophia Boot.

And now for a few sleeker options:

winter boots 1

Sorel Conquest Carly. Sorel Slimpack Riding.  Chipahko Wool Blend Boot.

Now get out there and play in the snow!

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  1. New reader here! I’m a 6’0 tall fitness blogger and have been blogging for about a year and a half. I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident and I am FLOORED I have gone my whole like without realizing there was a Tall fashion genre out here us girls with the long legs! WOW! Loving all your posts- just had to share. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Leigh Ann,
    I’m so glad you found us! I’m headed over to check out your blog!

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