Wearing Heels to Work- Ideas for Tall Women

This is a guest post by author: Suzy Walsh Tall women and heels often seem to be a tricky condition, because the moment you wear a pair of high heels, the attention is all on your feet. Many women with a height of 5’10 or more admit that they love wearing heels, especially to the office. Wearing heels at work is always a pleasurable idea, but often the tallness comes in between. Here are some smart tips to have an idea on how you can take height on your side and enjoy heels more in the office.

tall women heels for work

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  • Stick to kitten heels: There is something about kitten heels that make them such a perfect choice for work. In general, the heel size is more or less close to 1.5 inches, so your feet will not draw too much of attention. Without being as attention-grabbing as stilettos, you can still manage to carry the style with ease. Since you are at work, be more sober with the style choices. While buying shoes online, make sure to check the brand for better comfort.
  • High heeled boots: Winter works for its unique fashion options, and if you need something that is cute and worthy of being taken to work, it has to be high heeled boots. Depending on what you are wearing, you can choose knee high or simple ankle designs. Over the years, tall women have embraced the beauty of heels through boots with essential confidence.
  • High heeled nude pumps: Check some of the tallest celebs in the world, and you will find most of them have a clear liking for high heels in nude shades. No matter what your height may be, this is one of the fashion fundamentals that works perfect for the office and informal occasions alike. The good thing is nude colors are not catchy at the first place but often make legs look slender and stylish, especially when you are dealing with a weight problem.
  • Charming wedges: Most tall women have their reservations about high heeled pumps or even boots, and that’s where wedges make a smart entry as the perfect office footwear. Known for amazing style and design options, wedges look at work, especially when you are wearing heel sizes between 2.5 to 4 inches. Importantly, wedges help a great extent in helping balance the body weight and are considered to be good option for the health of your feet.
  • Chunky heels: If you have checked the runway trends in recent times, you must have seen the new block style chunky heels that have made way in the market. Such heels are more like in the block style and offer a similar kind of balance like wedges but often look more stylish than the stilettos.

It is good to have an idea of the ideal office footwear that is more in the dress code. Take your height on your side with ease! Author: Suzy Walsh is a Fashion expert and editor-in-chief for “The House Of Elegance Fashion”. She is known for her unique style and fashion ideas, which inspires all genres of women in the world. 


  1. I love kitten heels!They look great,give you a heel to compliment your outfit,work for ANY occasion,and are comfortable enough to go from day to night.Whether going out after work for a party or night on the town or home to hungry children that need to be fed,help with their homework and all other the dozens of chores need doing when you’re a mother.You aren’t trying to find a moment to change your footwear inbetween .Currently more businesses are deeming “high heels” as unacceptable footwear.I’ve learned the hard way that a good comfortable shoe w/kitten heel can take you through your whole day and night whatever is thrown your way,while being acceptable footwear for work.And you won’t feel you need to soak your feet or kill for a foot massage at the end of the day.However,that doesn’t mean you need to turn down a foot massage from a loved one if it was offered.

  2. Krista Mayne says:

    I agree – kitten heels are my fav as my feet are sensitive and can’t handle high heels for too long. I do love heels too :) and wear them occasionally, but my go to heels are def. kitten height!

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