Tall Wardrobe Capsule for Working College Student

School’s back in session for my kids which means I’ll be back to regular posting.  Today I’m sharing a tall personal shopping request for a tall college student.

Client: 6’5″ tall woman in college.

Size 12. 35″ – 36″ inseam length. Size 13 shoes and wants the heel height under 1/2″.

Special Info: Emily goes to a religious college which has a modest dress code requiring covered shoulders and skirts to the knee.  She normally wears t-shirts and shorts to classes, but recently got a new job that requires her to dress up.  For her job she is a recruiter and needs to look professional but has nothing professional looking in her closet.

Emily needs help as she doesn’t know how to dress or how to get started. She will need to wear these clothes for at least 2 years and is hoping to have a mix and match wardrobe.  Her budget is $600-$800 to get started. She will then be able to buy 2 more clothing items per month.

Tall Snob Responds:  I get the whole modesty thing as I live close to a religious college and I’m guessing that Emily attends one just down the hill from me – which is my college’s rival. But, I won’t hold it against her as my husband and sons go to all the football games there. :) Yes, we’re a red/blue family! Anyway,  based on the extra info you gave me, I decided to give you a wardrobe that you can wear year round. By adding layers, you get the most bang for you buck.

I’ve been learning a lot of style lessons from Audrey over at Putting Me Together  (thanks to Bethany for the heads up) and I used some of her tutorials to design you a wardrobe capsule. I chose the colors of gray, brown, emerald green and burgundy as the main colors as there are lots of these colors available in stores now.  Even though they are fall colors, you can see by the outfits that they can work year round by adding or removing a layer and changing up the accessories.

Since you don’t have any dressy clothing, I designed most of the outfits around work outfits. I also know that you need some cute casual outfits, so by adding your favorite pair of jeans, you can match these items into casual outfits. When looking at the basic pieces alone, they may not look very glamorous, but wait until you see the outfits below!

I purposefully skipped tall blazers as they will eat up a big part of your budget and you can worry about getting a great tall blazer after you graduate. You can achieve a similar look that blazers give you, with cardigans, but at a fraction of the price! The total cost as of today for all of the pieces without any other special promos =$628! When you look at cost per wear, this is a bargain for around a month’s worth of outfits. If you love any of the items, I suggest you order them soon!


tall college wardrobe for work

 Featured Items:

Tall Blouses & Shirts:

Printed GrayChiffon Shirt – $30. White Stretch Tall Blouse $40.  Off White Tall Cami $9.60 with promo FINALSALE.   Floral Tall Camp Shirt $55. Black Crew Neck Tall T-Shirt  $39 – also in white.

Tall Cardigans:

Burgundy Tall Cardigan $25.  Tall Emerald Green Cardigan  $59.  Purple Elbow Sleeve Tall Cardigan $28

 Tall Pants, Skirt & Jean

Gray Tall Trousers – in 35″ or 37″ Inseam. $60.  Brown Tall Trouser Pants – 36″ inseam. $70. High Waist Midi Skirt – 26″ long. $60   Tall Straight Leg Jeans – 36″ inseam.


Vera Wang Tote $54.   Gray Chevron Scarf    $17. Silvertone Necklace Set $7.20.   Green Beaded Necklace  $15.40


Tan Animal Print Flats $49.  Burgunday Bow Flats $17.  Gray Flats $20.

25 Tall Wardrobe Capsule Outfits


I’ve created you 25 tall outfits using the above tall wardrobe capsule items. You can easily create many more, but I thought 25 was more than plenty. I suggest you print off these outfits and put them in a binder for easy reference.

women's tall college outfit      womens tall college outfits

womens tall gray outfits     womens tall trouser pants

tall wardrobe capsule     outfit 14

outfit 21     wardrobe capsules for tall women

outfit 13     college wardrobe 4

outfit 20     college outfit 5

womens tall brown pants     outfit 18

outfit 11     outfit 16 

outfit 15     college outfit 6

outfit 8     outfit 19

outfit 7     outfit 9

outfit 10     outfit 22

tall college outfit

I’d love to hear feedback on how you like this tall wardrobe capsule. Enjoy! This is part of a linkup series, see more ideas here.

Also linking up with “Best of Friday Style.”

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  1. What an awesome mix of outfits! 25 outfits is almost a whole month’s worth! This would be a great post for Audrey’s next “one piece many ways” link up on September 3.

  2. Krista Mayne says:

    Thanks for the heads up Bethany! I will def mark it on my calendar to link up! Cheers! :)

  3. Mountain Girl says:

    The Land’s End sweaters in tall don’t have enough sleeve length for me. I’m not as tall as Emily but I do have long arms and have pretty much given up on Lands End. The other pieces were great recommendations.

  4. Krista Mayne says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I have had problems with some of LE dresses being a bit too short, but haven’t tried the sweaters yet. Darn! Must be designed for the shortest of the tall women. Did that make sense? Ha.

  5. This is fantastic! What an amazing resource for women on so many levels.

  6. Amazing! Thank you for all the effort that went into this! Such a great post! All the outfits are so good.


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