Tall Cowgirl Outfit

Last week was our county fair and I can’t believe what a huge deal it is here! Since it was our first Summer back in Utah, it seems like the entire place folds up and goes to the fair.  I’ve never seen so many western style outfits in my life.

It’s confessional time:  When I first met my future husband, I had a hard time feeling really attracted to him. It’s weird because he’s dang good-looking, and the sweetest guy I know. It’s just that I couldn’t get past his cowboy belt buckle. You see, I never liked cowboys! Where I grew up, {just 45 minutes from here, but in the city, and seemingly a lot different} the cowboys were the trouble makers in my high school and it was hard to get past that stigma.  And with the way he dressed, I thought he was a cowboy.  But, really he wasn’t, it’s just how they dressed in Western Colorado. To make a long story short, it took seeing him in some different clothes to totally fall in love with him.   I know, it’s totally SHALLOW, but I guess women can be as visually stimulated as men. {wink}

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate cowboy/cowgirl styles and really like some of the cowgirl styles.  But, you’ll still never see me in a pair of Wranglers.   Here is my take on what I consider a cute tall cowgirl outfit!  And by the way, I totally have come to love country folks and I secretly dream of being “The Pioneer Woman” with my own mega ranch and cookbook!
tall cowgirl outfit

Womens Tall Plaid Shirt – 4 colors.     BKE Tall Boot-cut Jeans – 33″, 35″ or 37″ inseam.

American West Shoulder Bag.     Big Buddha Booties to size 14.   Tony Lama Western Belt.

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  1. any thoughts on where to purchase tall English riding clothes? 6’1″ size 2 daughter is totally into it and the blazers are super expensive and don’t fit. Would love to find cheap alternative.

  2. Linda,

    I’ll see what I can come up with, but size 2 tall is tricky! Can you tell me her inseam length?

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