Tall Clothing Review and Outfit Inspiration

After my last review complete with photos I was a little nervous…but you all made me feel loved! I’m back with another review + outfit inspiration.  This one features two recent purchases.  This denim jacket:


Women’s Tall Denim Jacket. Unfortunately the tall size sold out in this wash but it’s available in two awesome washes here and here.

and these lounge pants:


Ashby Style Liberty Extra Long Lounge Pants 39 inch inseam. 

I’ll cut to the chase: I love them both! But for objectivity’s sake, I’ll list out some pros and cons. 😉

for the denim jacket: I first tried the medium.  I wanted it to be long enough and have a little room to wear a sweater underneath.  It looked awful! It looked weird and boxy with tons of room in the arms–upper arms specifically.  I think if you have a broader build and thicker arms it could be cute but for me it didn’t work.  I almost didn’t even try a smaller size because it seemed like more of a ‘cut’ issue than a ‘fit’ issue…but I did love how long the sleeves were and when a sale hit I decided just to see and I’m so glad I did! I’d love it if the little buttons said “Levis” on them…instead of ON.  But hey, when you’re tall sometimes you can’t afford to be super particular.  The length is great; the wash is great; the fit is great; the price is great.  I can’t wait to wear it with a scarf and cords!

For the lounge pants: These pants are so cute! I’ll be honest; they’re slim fitting. So I was a bit scared to photograph myself in them.  I figured they were definitely one of those pieces that look better in your head and your favorite mirror (you know–the flattering one that makes you look taller and thinner?!) than they do in real life.  But they are so comfortable and I LOVE that you can cut them to any length you desire.  I haven’t cut mine just yet but will probably cut to a 35 or 36 inch inseam.  These pants are also realllly soft.  I love that. I already know I”m going to battle myself on wearing them at home on comfy lounge days vs. saving them to wear out.  Like I mentioned in this post, I’m trying to wear attractive lounge wear during the day instead of gross old sweats.  You should know that the material is thin. If these were a light color I couldn’t get away with it! Who wants lumps and bumps showing?!  But since they are dark with a pattern, it works.  And I’d never wear these out with a short shirt (just my preference since they are very form fitting) so I figured a little Lycra never hurt anyone. 😉

This is how I put the outfit together.  I tried the pants first with this blazer but the blazer was much too heavy to wear with the thinner pants.  Then I decided to create a summer look + a layered look for fall.  I love how it pairs with the denim jacket.  These pants are definitely a little risky but it feels good to take a risk every once in a while! What do you think?  If you love these pants, act now–only ONE pair left in stock.  But there are similar styles here.

tall clothing review

oh and how’s this for keepin it real- you can totally see my “thuttocks” in the picture on the right.  Proves these pants are slim! BUT I’d also like to think it was my stance.  Just let me believe that please.  Oh and in case you’re interested, the shirt is from here (and is less than $10 in some colors!), the watch is from Target, the orange bracelet from NY&Co, the scarf from Zulily, and the necklace from groopdealz.  The watch was the only accessory purchased recently.  Tiffany-Signature (2)


  1. You are so gorgeous! Don’t feel awkward about posting pics, it’s super helpful in visualizing how these things will look in person!

  2. aw, Tamara!! THANK you!! I don’t know why it feels so awkward! ha! I know I appreciate it when others post “real life” photos of clothes so glad to hear it’s helpful!

  3. Yay! More photos! The denim jacket looks great on you. I had a similar fit problem with Gap’s denim jacket. I think I’m going to go order the teal blouse that you’re wearing now. I have a similar top from BR’s tall line and it’s so versatile!

  4. Krista Mayne says:

    Tiffany, You love gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Hi Bethany! I love that top- and there are so many colors to choose from. I’m fighting the urge to buy several! And I can’t wait to wear the denim jacket with scarves. Unfortunately up here “jacket” season is short–it’ll be time for a full coat before we know it! :(

  6. Thanks friend!! :)

  7. You look amazing! Thanks for the inspiration (and I’ll take your thuttocks)

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