Tall Project Remix: Guest Post via Long Leggy

Today we are thrilled to have a guest post from our friend – Bethany of LongLeggy.

Tall Project Remix – Tips & Tricks for creating a Tall Remixable Wardrobe

Have you ever found yourself standing in your closet, staring at the myriad of items hanging there and feeling like you don’t have a blooming thing to wear?  This was happening to me WAY too often.  I was even beginning to wish I could just wear a uniform to work.  After discovering the blog Putting Me Together by Audrey, I realized I was having this daily wardrobe crisis because I didn’t own enough “remixable” pieces. My haphazard shopping would result in me buying stuff that was all over the color and style spectrum.  I also had a bad habit of buying “loner” pieces that can only be worn one way (such as one trick pony shirts that I can’t tuck, belt or layer). Clearly, I needed a strategy!!

Enter Project Remix. My focus for 2013 has been to remix my current garb (translation figure out different ways to wear what I already have in my closet) and employ Audrey’s remix strategy with the new clothes that I buy this year.

To kick off Project Remix, I used Audrey’s Building a Wardrobe From Scratch series as a guide and did the following:

  1. Defined my style and lifestyle needs;
  2. Picked my remixable color scheme (gray and navy for my neutrals and teal and orange for my secondary colors); and
  3. Made a list of key pieces that I needed to keep an eye out for.

The first Project Remix item that I bought was a tall grey blazer from Loft.  Sounds simple and kind of boring, right? Turns out I was able to FINALLY figure out a way to wear some of the items that had been hiding out all lonely and dejected in my closet.  Take this navy and white tunic as an example. I haven’t gotten much wear out of this tunic-that-would-be-a-dress-on-a-shorter-person because I had trouble figuring out what to pair it with.  When I was losing my marbles about what to wear for date night recently, I dug the tunic out of the back of my closet and created this outfit. Success!

bethany women's tall outfit

Here is another way I was able to wear the navy/white tunic after I bought this short sleeved orange cardigan from Loft.

women's tall remixable wardrobe

Just last night, I decided to “play dress up” with my custom-made navy and white polka dot top from Capiche by Victoria, and I figured out several new ways to wear it.  Here is how I styled this top pre-Project Remix (note the lack of necklaces and belts).

polka dot tall blouse

And here are several more looks I’ve been able to create with the top since I embarked on Project Remix.  In these photos, I’ve paired the top with an orange skirt, green pants, jeans/orange blazer, a white skirt, grey pants/orange cardigan and have worn it tucked, belted, half tucked and layered. Can you say versatile?

tall project remix

how to dress as a tall woman

womens tall orange blazer

bethany long leggy tall woman

classy tall outfit

As a tall woman, I know firsthand that finding clothes can be daunting, difficult and downright discouraging which is why I think it’s even more important to have a strategy that will help me to choose the right pieces for my wardrobe.  I don’t plan to limit my wardrobe to orange, teal, grey and navy for the rest of my life, but  focusing on my 4 colors and “key pieces” list help me focus when I’m in a store or shopping online.  I’m having oodles of fun with this project mostly because I feel like I’m developing my personal style and learning how to be more creative with my outfits.

Do you try to stick to certain color schemes or do you find yourself buying items based more on fit and style rather than color? Are you good at wearing pieces several different ways? I’d love to hear your tips!

ABOUT ME: Bethany has experienced the joys and challenges of being 6’2 since she was in 8th grade.  Now in her 30s, she is on a quest to define her personal style and to share her fashion successes (and failures) with other tall ladies.  Since starting her blog LongLeggy.com, she has done a few fun projects such as a Shopping Custom Challenge, Shopping Tall Challenge and of course, Project Remix.  


  1. I really need to do a project remix. I have lots of skirts and pants, but barely any tops. I’ll have to remember to be careful choosing my colors the next time I go shopping.

  2. Krista Mayne says:

    I hear ya. It’s good advice for all of us. I’m going to try Bethany’s tips when shopping for myself. I’ve got too many one trick ponies! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sheri – Go for it! The Putting Me Together blog has a really good post on how to pick colors that go well together. By the way, I have the opposite problem…tons of tops and not enough skirts and pants. Working on it though.

  4. Liz Mayers says:

    As always Bethany you put together great outfits, great posts and look terrific! Love the idea of making pieces go a long way!

  5. Thanks Liz!! Learning to mix up my clothes a bit has made me glad that I’ve hung on to some items even though I wasn’t really wearing them much because now I’m actually able to wear them.


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