My Year in Review: involving 5 nuns, 2 homes, 1 new business and numerous blessings.

Lots of bloggers are posting their year in review and I think I’ll join the trend. I’m, sorry, but it’s really long. Instead of posting pictures of vacations and outfit posts, I’m sharing my real life with you.

2012 was a turning point for my family. We have been blessed so much, but first I need to skip back and explain the last few years.

In 2007 we sold our family business. My husband had been working there for almost 20 years. We lived a wonderful life, but felt inspired that it was time to sell it. We got an offer we couldn’t refuse and sold our concrete block plant.

Then my husband signed on to work for the company that bought us out, for an undisclosed amount of time.  2008 came and we decided to buy a nicer, different home.  A log cabin we loved dropped in price and we jumped at the chance to buy this home. This was the pivotal decision that changed everything! {Insert dramatic pause!}

colorado log cabin

So we purchased the log  home and moved into it in October 2008.  We put our other home up for sale. Real estate prices in the Vail Valley had never dropped and properties always sold within a few weeks. We were confident we would get top dollar for our home and we could comfortably afford the new home. After all, we had plenty of money invested in the stock market.  What could go wrong??? You can see what’s coming, right?

We we purchased the log cabin at exactly the wrong time.  Talk about buyer’s remorse! It seemed like overnight the economy crashed.    The stock market crashed and our cash reserves were worth so much less and we had to use all of them. Our other home was not getting any real estate traffic. In fact, now every 1 out of 3 homes in our town were now for sale.

So, in May 2009, we made another drastic move. We moved out of the log home and back to our other home. Although it was a pain, we felt at peace with the decision.

We put both homes up for sale. The log cabin we turned into a vacation rental home. I used to be a travel agent and we love to travel and stay in vacation homes, so I got a wild hair and thought we could market the cabin as a vacation rental home. The 4th of  July weekend was our first rental. The hot tub broke that first weekend, and it was an interesting rental, but somehow we got through it. My website knowledge and travel agent experience seemed to be the right ticket. We were able to successfully market the log home. But, it was not easy. Most people stayed from 4-7 days and so we (the entire family) had to constantly clean, keep up and mow the lawn etc. It was really hard work.

In November my husband got laid off from his job. I didn’t mention it, but we had been trying to adopt a daughter from Taiwan and had been waiting 3 years already.  In October we had finally been assigned our daughter.  When my husband got laid off, our dreams of adopting were now uncertain.  In fact, our adoption agency gave us 2 days to get a job, or we wouldn’t be able to adopt.

There were so many people out of jobs and so it was overwhelming to even start the job hunt. Luckily we had lots of connections and my husband got the last seasonal job at a ski resort. It was a true miracle! It was hard work and paid less than most college kids made.  I’m very proud of him for taking the job that was below his skill set and paid next to nothing. The income that we received from the vacation rental just put us over the amount we needed to continue the adoption.

In April 2009 we traveled to Taiwan to pick up this cutie! We picked her up on our 2nd son’s birthday! It was love at first sight! She grabbed us, kissed us and seemed to convey to us, “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you.” It was the most fulfilling experience!

Our baby’s outfit was given to us by the birth Mom!

But, now back in the real world we continued to rent out the vacation home and my husband transitioned from job to job in the ski resort. Did he love it? NO! He didn’t enjoy waiting on the rich, snobby people or the shift work, but he was willing to work hard to do whatever it took to pay our bills.  I am so thankful for a hard-working husband! The money I made from this blog and Tall Clothing Mall basically paid for our food for the last few years and I’m very thankful for all of you for making it possible for my family to eat! We have 4 boys and trust me, it’s hard to keep up with these growing boys!

The winter ski season of 2011-2012 we were able to rent our cabin to an airline for seasonal housing for their employees. This took a huge burden off of us as we didn’t have to clean all of the time. They left the first week of April 2012.  Then out of the blue we received an offer to sell our log cabin and you won’t believe who bought it!!! 5 nuns bought our cabin! Yep, it was a gift sent from God! There’s no other way to explain that one. And yes, I can say that the house showings were just like the movie “Sister Act”. Imagine 5 energetic nuns living in the cabin. We had a hallelujah moment with that one!


The cabin sold in May and we were thrilled. I had not been feeling very well and finally went to my doctor. I demanded an ultra-sound as it felt like something was growing in my abdomen.  Sure enough, I had a fast growing benign tumor.  In early June I had a 6 hour surgery to get the tumor removed. I lost half of my blood in the surgery and have a new appreciation for those who donate blood. The surgery was a success and I’m feeling much better. My anemia is gone and I’m getting my energy back.

With the sale of the cabin, suddenly we had new hope for our future.  We  had been looking for places we’d love to move to if the cabin ever sold as that would give us the down payment we needed to start a new business again.  This Summer we found an opportunity in Heber City, Utah located about 20 miles from Park City. Heber City is in a in a gorgeous valley surrounded by 2 lakes. My husband bought a mom and pop auto parts store and changed it into a Napa, Auto Parts Store.  We kept all of the current employees on and are very happy in our new found life. We have the friendliest neighbors and our kids are happy in their new schools.

We moved from Colorado to Utah and our yellow house was still on the market.  Thankfully at Thanksgiving we were able to finally sell the home.  It’s a terrible time to sell homes and we took huge losses on both, but we were just glad to get them unloaded and move on.  We worked really hard these past few years, and many of our friends told us to just declare bankruptcy and move on. We couldn’t do that. So we just worked extra hard, prayed like crazy and trusted that all would work out in the end and thankfully it did! I didn’t write this post to brag, but to give hope to other’s out there going through hard times.  Hard work and persistence can get you through it!

So this past year we sold 2 houses, had a major surgery, moved and started a new business.

This Christmas was the best one ever! I took some time off and really focused on making our home calm and peaceful. I also spend time reflecting on this years’ blessings.  We all loved my husband having Christmas day off! It’s been many years since he could relax with us! Here’s a few of my favorite Christmas moments.

breakfast in bed

 My 7 year old make my Christmas Eve breakfast in bed complete with cookies!

flowers in hair

I loved putting flowers in my daughter’s hair for church.

 I spent many moments meditating while staring at our tall Christmas tree.

son crying over electric train

I loved it when my son on the left stopped opening his present. He was overcome with emotion when he saw that Santa brought him an electric train. He actually cried! Aww!

So that basically wraps up my year in review. I’m looking forward to 2013 with optimism. I’m thankful that we survived the past few years. I’m thankful our financial situation is improving, but more importantly, I’m thankful that we now have more time as a family and can enjoy the small moments that matter the most!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey Krista! I admire the hard work and creativity of you and your husband through these difficult years and hope 2013 is a bright year full of many blessings!

  2. Carol Hartman says:

    I’m crying happy tears for you and your family! What a great story; I felt your pain and your successes. ‘Wow, your children are beautiful and your precious daughtter with the roses in her is special!! I know you are proud of you and your husband for making it work like you did; Glory to God. I wish you all a happy new year and that you will feel peace during 2013:) Best wishes and hugs

  3. Wonderful post Krista! Thank you for sharing. I truly appreciated your honesty and openness. Your story is very inspiring. I wish you and your family happiness, health and prosperity in 2013. :)

  4. Krista, I have always enjoyed your posts for many reasons. Probably the most important being your grounded sincerity. I was and am so happy for you when you were able to realize your dream of bringing us your online store. I always thought what a nice, hard working, positive young woman. After reading your words today, I not only remain a loyal fan, but owe you thanks for awakening me. The past few years have been, to put in mildy, challenging for many of us. When faced with these situations, on a day to day basis, we forget that we are not alone in our struggles. Mine own seem so much more in prospective. You have reminded me of some pretty important priorities and that I must never give up hope or faith. Thank you. Blessing to you and your family for a wonderful 2013.

  5. P.S. I had to read the section obout the 5 nuns twice, before I realized they were “for real”….lol.

  6. Krista Mayne says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! It’s scary to put my real life out there as you never know how it will be received. But, I needed to let God know that I acknowledge his hand in my life and am grateful to be back on track. There’s so much silliness online that maybe it’s good to read about “real life” at times???
    I also realize there’s many people out there with much more serious problems. I’ll take my own issues. Thanks for listening!


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