Womens Tall Biker Jackets

Womens tall biker jackets continue as a hot trend for Fall 2013. Here we share with you our favorite finds.

This post was original inspired via  Rockie6ft on Twitter. She was looking  for inexpensive tall motorcycle jackets that are girly.

I don’t think of girly when I think of womens tall biker jackets as they tend to have a tougher, edgy look. Most are made of leather and may have zippers and spikes.  So, I thought I’d just put together a list of what is out there and let you choose which one you love the best. 

mint green tall biker jacket

 Mint Tall Biker Jacket

tall biker jacket

Collarless Jacket

tall leather biker jacket

 Womens Tall Leather Biker Jacket

tweed tall biker jacket

 Tweed  Womens Tall Biker Jackets

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 tall snob blogger krista

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