Tall Outfit Needed for Showing Artwork: Tall Personal Shopping

Client: Michelle

Profile: 5’11 – 1/2″ Tall. Size – Curvy 14.  Inseam 35″. Age – 32

Wants: 2-3 outfits for exhibiting her artwork and jewelry at fairs and galleries. The outfit has to be worn while she sets up the exhibit and then look professional while she is on her feet all day and stay looking pretty! She has 2 small children and is working hard to get back into her size 10/12s.

Budget: See what magic I can work with a $150 budget. She realizes that this may only be able to get her 1 1/2 outfits. Since she will be going down in size, she doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on transitional pieces.

Problem Area: Tops are hard to find as she would like them to be at least 27″ long.

Additional Details:  “I am very pale and am about 50% gray already (with natural dark ash blond hair) so many of the popular colors (grays, camels, hot pink, chartreuse or dark colors) tend to not be flattering.  Soft to medium shades of color work best.  I also wear a DD, so cowls and lots of fabric up top is problematic.

women's tall outfit for an artist

Outfit 1

  • Purple Soft Jersey Tunic – from my new Tall Snob Store. Although this picture makes it look casual, it has a fabulous soft feel to it and can easily be worn dressed up. You can tuck it in or out as it will work either way.  I think the zig zag pattern is interesting and a bit artistic. $50 includes shipping. (Blue also available.) V-necks will be slimming and flattering on large chested ladies.
  • Alloy – Stanton Stretch Trousers – you can’t go wrong with basic black pants. These have some stretch to them, but reviewers have said they keep their shape.  $41.90. Get 20% off with code 2AFFAK for a final price of $33.50.
  • 6pm – Ros Hommerson Ely Pumps – currently only $22.99.
  • Wear your own jewelry to help show off your collection.
women's tall outfit for artistic woman
Outfit 2
The outfits I have chosen for you, may be a bit conservative, but I want you to look professional and let your jewelry and artwork steal the show!

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  1. Hi Krista. What a great job you did in assisting Michelle. I love the fact that you were able to meet her needs both aesthetically and financially while offering quality options. One thing did catch my eye in your response. You mentioned your new store. Did I miss the grand opening? Is your shop up and running? If it’s not quite ready for it’s official “unveiling”, I’ll contintue to wait patiently. If it is up and running how we can shop? Have a wonderful day!

  2. Susanne,
    Yes, the store is up and running. I haven’t really officially announced it, but will next week. I’ve done a “soft” opening to check for bugs, etc. More items are added daily. But, you can check it out at http://www.TallSnob.com I would love your feedback!
    Thanks for all of the kind words! I love to help women find options that they can afford and that help them feel good!

  3. Hi Krista,

    Thanks for your reply. I found your shop, granted I actually had to open my eyes and do a little reading…lol. Sometime being a litte ditzy is so annoying…lol.Bottom line: it will be fun to participate in the evolution of your shop. I feel one of the greatest challenges you are going to face is the “affordability” issue. Keeping on top of the latest sales is a full time job in itself, Of course, it’s up to each one of us to keep up with your blog, because we know they are two big limitations, sizes and time. Naturally there will always be that item, that “one has to have” regardless of cost. Some of us will have to save for it, some won’t and some of us will have to hope it goes on sale. That’s life…lol. In designing your own line, no matter what the cost, there will be those who will say,” I love it… it’s mine” and as always, some of us will oohh and ahhh from the sidelines. I hope that there will still be room in your bag of wonderful tricks to do a little personal shopping for those of us who are on limited budget, but are looking for someone to help us step out of our own boxes. You are going to do great! Susanne

  4. Susanne,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m actually going to be carrying a mix of affordable and high end items. The bulk of the items have not arrived yet. So don’t fear, they are coming! Today I spent the entire day at an “affordable” clothing company with my tape measure and bought dozens of styles. :) Thanks for the feedback! As far as my store goes, sales will most likely only be on holidays as I am trying to give the lowest price I can from the beginning. But, holidays make me happy, thus sales!
    Thanks again!


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