Gifts Every Tall Woman Can Enjoy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….right?  I love Christmas for many reasons but one of them is the gift giving!  Sometimes, if you’re buying for  a tall guy or gal, the usual sweater or PJs just won’t do. My poor mother-in-law has purchased PJs and Jeans for me in the past.  To her (at just a little over 5 feet, they seemed “long”).  I finally had to tell her I can’t buy off the rack when it comes to bottoms! Well have no fear…here are a few gifts for the tall woman in your life. And if you’re the “one for me, one for you” type of Christmas shopper, maybe a few items you can snag for yourself!  Don’t worry; I won’t tell.  Enjoy:


1. Bubble Necklace in Spearmint. 26 inches with a 2 inch extender for additional length!  I’ve been seeing these bubble necklaces pop up everywhere.  This one is beautiful and comes in four colors.

2. Leather Tote. I will never understand how men can carry only a wallet.  I am always carrying a big bag.  Sometimes we can end up carrying a reusable shopping bag or a bunch of little bags full of stuff.  How much more put together would we look (and feel?) with this gorgeous leather tote instead? I played it safe with this camel color but it’s available in 4 more daring shades.

3. Favorite Throw. Maybe you’re afraid to buy clothes or accessories for the recipient.  After eight years of marriage my husband is still not confident enough to venture into the accessories/clothes arena and I don’t blame him!  What about West Elm’s “favorite throw” instead?  It’s easy enough to see what colors the recipient likes simply by looking at what colors she chooses to wear or by what colors she uses in her home/bedroom.  Choose one of these 12 colors and give with confidence!

4. Ugg Rylan in Chestnut.  Up to size 12. Oh Ugg, how I love thee.  Comfortable, cozy, and darn right beautiful.  These are so luxurious she may end up wearing them outside of the home!  (Though I don’t advise it) 😉

5. Cashmere Blend Striped Glove. I usually steer clear of “one size” items but look how long these are!  In my opinion, anything with cashmere makes a great gift!

6. Tan Infinity Scarf. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Fair Isle trend.  Here’s a bright and vibrant scarf to help your recipient incorporate it into her wardrobe.

Whether the recipient is tall or short or somewhere in between she’s sure to enjoy one of these gifts!  Good luck and Happy Shopping!



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