Tall Personal Shopping: Classic Dark Tall Jeans & Black Pants

Client: Kathy from New Hampshire.
Profile:  6’2″ Tall with a 36″- 36.5″ Inseam. Size 10
Wants: 1. Plain Black and Dark Blue Jeans with clean lines free of any abrasions. Plain pockets or no pockets.
2. Black Dress Pants for work  with flat fronts and little to no pockets. If possible would love a side or black zipper.
Budget: Under $100
Tall Snob Responds:
Kathy, you are not alone in this request. Many tall women want clean lined jeans and pants. Not only do they look more dressed up, but they can also help us look thinner.  Let’s get started. First off, you may want to check out our special section of trouser jeans as these are normally a dark wash, clean-looking and a bit dressier than normal jeans.  Here are some other hand-picked jean choices that I recommend for you.
women's tall dark jeans 36 inseam
1st Row:
2nd Row

Here are my recommendations in tall black pants with a 36″ Inseam.

women's tall black pants 36 inseam

1st Row

2nd Row

We also have a section of tall black pants at Tall Clothing Mall.
I hope I’ve found you some pants and jeans that you love!


  1. Awesome post and I’m sure very helpful for taller women! I like those dark skinny jeans in the first row…but I wear petite since I’m 5’4″.

  2. I need to add to my professional wardrobe. I might need to check out some of these pants you posted.

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