My New Adventures in Insanity

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Did you read my Facebook post where I mentioned that I am considering designing a fashion line? I’ve mulled this over for quite a few years. Yes, I may be insane!!! But,  I receive lots of requests from all of you about tall clothing items you can’t find. Over the years I’ve noticed the gaps in tall clothes and feel like we could all benefit with some more options.  So, I’m pressing harder on my research of how to get this accomplished. Hopefully, this can become a reality in the next year.

While I do my research, I’ve decided I’d like to open an online tall boutique. The proceeds will help finance the startup costs and it will also help me to see firsthand what items are out there that I may have missed. So next week my husband (bless his heart) and I are traveling to the fashion market to see if we can find tall items that I think you’d enjoy. If there’s any specific items you would love, now’s the time to tell me. I’m not sure what I will find as it’s an experiment, but I’m very excited!

My team and I will keep blogging here at Tall Snob and updating Tall Clothing Mall. So don’t worry, everything will stay the same, except you may have more wardrobe options! I’m crossing my fingers, toes, hairs – you name it!

I’d love to hear your opinion below. Also, please give me some feedback on things I can do to improve this blog or TCM. Thanks!


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