Guest Blog: Tips and the Latest Fashion Trends for Taller Women

Guest Post By: Clarissa Seaton

Each fashion trend that comes and goes has the potential to become the next sensation in the industry. Designers around the world are always looking for new inspirations to dress the models that will display the latest styles. Eventually, these designs find their way into clothing that is worn by countless people around the globe. Unfortunately, the most attractive styles are designed to fit women who fall into a small segment of the population. Tall women are considered to be very attractive, but these women are often unable to find clothes in the latest styles. This is why fashion tips for taller women are so valuable. If you are a taller woman, and you want to be fashionable, here are some tips that you can use to make yourself look amazing.

Skinny Jeans

royal blue skinny jeans for taller women

Height Goddess Skinny Jeans

For taller women, the legs are the defining feature of the body. Long legs are never out of style, and they should be shown off whenever possible. This is why skinny jeans can be such an important part of your wardrobe. Try to find a pair or two that can work in casual situations with a few different kinds of footwear and tops, and you will add a formidable weapon to your style arsenal.




Enhance Your Look with Boots

zanny tall black boots for tall women

Zany Boots

Another way to draw attention to your legs is to wear a great pair of boots. Finding the right pair of boots can be terribly difficult, though. Colorful or garish boots should be avoided in most cases, and bulky boots should also be worn sparingly, if at all. Instead try to find a sleek pair of black boots that accentuate the natural beauty of the shape of your legs. Boots like this can make you look like you spent a fortune on your outfit and they can be worn in a number of scenarios. Before you settle on a pair, though, you need to make sure that they will be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time, if necessary.


Jewelry That Stands Out

bib statement necklace

Kenda Scott Statement Necklace

Although being a tall woman is challenging in many ways when it comes to following a fashion trend, one advantage that tall women have is the ability to wear large, bold jewelry items effortlessly. Taller women have dramatic statures that are conducive to large, colorful or bright jewelry items. If you are interested in adding some bold jewelry to your accessories collection, be sure to choose pieces that fit with your skin tone and the outfits you already possess. Also, you should only wear one big, bold piece at a time for maximum impact.
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