TallWater Jeans Needs Your Help

TallWater Jeans is trying to expand their line of women’s tall jeans.  They need some help to accomplish their goals.

tallwater jeans for tall women

 Have you ever heard of KickStarter? It’s a website that anyone or entrepreneurs can submit project ideas to help raise money to support growth in their company, launch a new business or create a special project. TallWater Jeans has launched a KicksSarter campaign to try and raise enough funding to create two new styles of jeans.  The thing with Kickstarter, is that it’s all or nothing. If they don’t get all of the funding, they get none of the money they have raised.

So how can you help?  The TallWater campaign will reward you with different items depending on the amount you pledge. The more money you pledge, the greater the reward. So go and check out their KickStarter campaign. If you pledge some money and the project is fully funded, your credit card will be charged. If they don’t reach their funding goal, you are charged nothing.  Let’s show this semi-new women’s tall jeans company some love! Hurry and offer a pledge. The campaign ends September 1st.

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