Maxi Skirts for Tall Women

By: Cinthia Molinar

We’ve been talking about maxi dresses for a while now, which may I add, are absolutely great! (I went out and bought one – guilty as charged). But this week, I came across a maxi skirt which I decided was just as great as the maxi dress! It has everything that you get with a maxi dress and you can use it to make multiple outfits by just changing your top and shoes. You can get a plain color or have fun with different prints. There are so many options when it comes to a skirt that I’m having trouble figuring out where to start!

Solid Colors

solid colored maxi skirts for tall women

Solid colors look great with another solid color on top. Or you can go a little bit more adventurous and pick a printed top. And don’t forget the accessories! Maxi skirts look great with gladiator sandals or even cowboy boots depending on what look you’re going for. Belts are also great embellishments to a maxi skirt. A wide belt looks the best when you’re wearing two solid colors. It breaks up the colors and gives a point of focus. Also when picking a maxi skirt, make sure it is long enough! All of the above are 40” inseam or longer which makes them great for us tall girls!

Pictured Above From Left to Right:
 Quiksilver Maxi Skirt
 Splendid – Modal Lycra Maxi Skirt
 BCBGMAXAZRIA – Karolin Maxi Skirt
Calvin Klein Jeans – Tiered Maxi Skirt


patterned maxi skirts for tall women

Pattern maxi skirts are fun. There’s just no other way to describe them. They are definitely attention grabbers.  When wearing a pattern skirt, match it with a solid top to keep things balanced. And don’t forget to experiment with shoes and accessories! Most importantly, have fun with it!

Shown Above From Left to Right:
 Fox – Mixed Up Maxi Skirt 39″ long
Roxy – Above Deck Skirt  36″ long
 Billabong – Desert High Anina Maxi Skirt 41″ long
 Type Z – Iolana Maxi Skirt 39″ long

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