YEEHAW! Cowboy Boots!

By: Cinthia Molinar

Lately I’ve had an obsession with cowboy boots. It might be due to the summer festivities in the small town that I’m from. Regardless, I think that cowboy boots have come a long way from the ranch. We see them now on celebrities and more and more people are starting to realize how these boots, once worn for working, can be stylish! I love cowboy boots because they look great with jeans or a dress! And like any good shoe, you can wear them to almost any occasion. I realize that some of you out there are a little skeptical of the cowboy boot, and maybe it’s not your style and that’s fine! But for those of you who want to try it out, let us help you out in finding some good ol’ cowboy boots and putting together a great outfit!

It’s most likely that you won’t have to buy any new clothing items. You probably already have enough items laying around! Like a good pair of jeans- an old pair of jeans that are a little worn and torn work great. As for tops, a plaid top gives you the all time cowgirl look, but if you don’t have one, no worries! A solid tee looks just as good. Down below is a casual look that can be worn with a pair a cowboy boots. If you don’t have a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of boot cut can be substituted and tucked into the boots.

cowboy boots for tall women


Featured Above:

Pintucked Sleeveless Top

Super Skinny Tall Jeans

 VOLATILE – Hillside Tan Boots – available to size 10

 Ariat – Heritage Western Boots in Brown available to size 11

I like loose fitting tops with cowboy boots especially if I’m going to wear skinny jeans. I feel more balanced that way, but it’s simply personal preference. A more fitted tee will look just as great. Remember it’s the boots we’re trying to show off!

 For a more girly look, try pairing cowboy boots with dresses. Summer dresses work really great! And even though fall is coming, you can still get a couple more uses out of that dress. Any length of skirt works too. You can go short, to the knee, or long and the boots will look good with any of those. I think flowy skirts or jean skirts look best but play around with it and find something unique!

cowboy boots for tall women and dresses

Roll Sleeve Striped Tall Shirtdress Laredo – Cedar Street Boots – to size 10. Embroidered Lace Tall Dress.  MIA Boots to size 10.

Pictured above are some ideas to get started pairing boots with dresses. But as I always say, play around with it! You have plenty of wiggle room when it comes to boots because they come in different colors and styles. Don’t be scared to try a pair of red boots (below) such as 
Dingo Boots
on the left or  VOLATILE – Hustle Boots on the right that come in wine, black or navy. Also, feel free to try out the different kinds of boots, there are ankle cowboy boots like the ones below, and the more traditional half calf boots as shown above. No matter what you choose to try, have fun with it!

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