Women’s Tall Workout Shirts

By: Cinthia Molinar

This past weekend I attended a 5K mud run that included 13 different obstacles and lots of mud! However, while I was running I had some problems with my clothing – my work out shirt was too short for my long torso so it kept riding up which had me pulling it down every couple of minutes.

mud race

Talk about annoying! Needless to say, the race was super fun but I wish I could have had a longer shirt to enjoy it more. Well for all you work out women out there, I decided that this could no longer be a problem, so I set out to find long work out shirts that are comfortable and stylish. And I want to share my success with you! Out of the shirts that I looked at, I loved these because a) they are long enough for tall women and b) they have lightweight spandex fabric ( I love spandex).

Tall Tank Tops

women's tall tank top in red

PR Tall Tank Top

Work out tank tops are great because they’re lightweight and many, such as this one, include a built-in sports bra. This particular tank top is fitted but you can easily find some that are loose if that’s what you’re looking for. The body length on this one is 24 ¼”. (May not work for the extra long torso lady).

horizon women's tall tank top
Horizon Tall Tank Top

This tank top is less fitted and comes with a 27” body length. Either styles are great for summer if you’re planning to run outside, or just work out in a good ol’ gym

Tops with Sleeves

accelerate women's tall t-shirt

Accelerate Tall T-Shirt

Work out shirts with sleeves such as this one above work just as well as the tank tops. I love the design on this one and the color but most of all the length! It’s 27” long. Pair any of these styles with the bottoms below to get a comfortable and stylish work out look!

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