The Inside Scoop on Skinny Jeans for Tall Women

By: Cinthia Molinar

Skinny jeans are a hit and miss with most people. You either love them, or you don’t.  But let me let you in on the secret; it all has to do about how you feel in them. And as it is with most clothing you wear, how you present yourself in them. Being a college “Tall Fashionista”, I see skinny jeans very often in women my age, and therefore have been able to observe what works and what does not. With that being said, I have come up with a few guidelines on how you can strut the skinny jean look and feel fabulous doing so.

Finding the Perfect Pair
Always always always find skinny jeans that fit you. Too tight is a no-no. And too big defies the purpose of skinny jeans. They should hug your body just right and most importantly, you should be comfortable in them. Finding the right length for us tall girls is important too. If you shop online, make sure you carefully read the size charts so that they have a long enough inseam and if you shop in stores, make sure you try them on!

heather skinny jeans for tall women

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!
Tall girls, well, we don’t need to worry about what shoes work right for skinny jeans. We can wear them with every single shoe style and look good, unlike our shorter friends who if they are not careful, can look shorter in skinny jeans. Yay for tall legs! Go ahead girl and wear ballet flats, pumps, wedges, ankle boots, or sandals! Take your pick!

Be Fun!
What other kind of jeans come in different colors? Not many that I know of! Skinny jeans come in an array of colors and that makes them so fun to wear! Yes, you can wear a bold color of jeans! It’s possible now! And they don’t look tacky or make you look like a five-year old. I am so glad that someone thought of making them different colors. However, not everyone is a fan of the colorful bottoms, but try it and you may find that you like it more than you think. If you don’t like it, that’s fine! It’s all about finding clothes that you love and make you feel good. Make sure that you’re top isn’t trying to outdo your bottom though. Keep it simple, and make the colorful jeans the main focus.

lightweight always skinny jeans for tall women

 Gap Ankle Length Tall Skinny Jeans – 32″ Inseam

Be casual, or Dressy
Just like every great pair of jeans, skinny jeans can be dressed up or down – sandals and a T-shirt to dress down, or pumps and a nice shirt to dress up.  I would recommend a darker pair of skinny jeans to dress up and a lighter pair to dress down. Try them both ways and hopefully I’ll have you hooked on one of the newest styles in fashion.

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