The 411 on Heels for Tall Women

By: Cinthia Molinar

Tall women can potentially pull off any heel height. However, look for comfort and style when shopping for heels. If you can’t strut your stuff in a pair of heels, ditch ‘em!

Pants and Heels

Remember that high heels shorten the distance between your pant hem and the floor. If you own a pair of pants that are the perfect length with flats, sadly, they’re not going to work with heels. When you do wear pants with heels, make sure to keep the hem no more than 1 inch above the floor. I find that that’s what looks the best. Pants and heels are classic. There isn’t any occasion that doesn’t work with pants and heels. They work for the office or a night out with the girls!
buckle harper tall jeans

BKE Harper Jeans  33″ Inseam.

refine tall trouser jeans

 Refine Trousers Jeans in 34″, 36″ and 38″ Inseams

Some heel styles that would look good with jeans:

Anne Klein Zya – to size 11.   Type Z Rinny – to size 11. Nine West Vividly to size 12.


As I mentioned above, we tall girls can pull off any heels! That includes the tallest of heels -so try everything. The sky is the limit. Also, heels with rounded toes work very well for tall girls. Rounded toe shoes shorten the look of the leg, but women with height don’t have to worry about that.

heels for tall women wearing jeans

 Barefoot Tess St Louis to size 15.   Franco Sarto Cicero to size 11.   Bella Vita Wow – to size 12.

Whatever heels you choose have fun! And remember, comfort and style, that’s what you want when looking for a pair of heels.

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