Go Big or Go Home!

By: Cinthia Molinar

Everyone is aware of the oversized accessories that celebrities wear these days. And unfortunately, some people look like they’re playing dress up trying to pull them off. However, tall women can essentially pull off oversized accessories better than most, Lucky us! Because of our height, we can go big on accessories and strut them with dignity! It’s all about keeping our accessories in proportion with our size. So large is fabulous!

My favorite oversized accessory is the giant bag. Who wouldn’t love something to carry more stuff around with them?! I love my stuff! As I’m sure most of you do. A purse is an accessory that is worn almost every day, so why not go big? Big bags work with jeans and a tank top, or a skirt and a nice blouse. It’s an accessory that is worth investing in because you can use it again and again.

Big Handbags

oversized handbags for tall women

Featured above from left to right in rows:

Harvey’s “Seatbelt Bag”

Dooney & Bourke “Large Tulip Shopper”

Dooney & Bourke “1975 Signature Splash”

KDNY by Kelsi Dagger “Patton Tote”

Loquita “Top Zip Tote”

Big Buddha “Santorini”

Wide Belts

Also try dressing in oversized accessories with bracelets, belts, and necklaces! Big colorful bangles and necklaces can add a splash of color to any outfit. And belts look chic and stylish when they’re bigger. We are so lucky that we can try a little bit of everything!

wide belts for tall women

 From Left to Right:

 3″ Wide Waist Cinch Stretch Belt

Metallic Flower Stretch Belt

Wide Ruched Stretch Belt

Traditional Wide Belts

For a more down to earth look: (Goes great with neutrals and pastels!)

traditional brown belts for women

From left to right

Braided Elastic Belt

Fossil Bar Clasp Stretch Belt

Braided Waist Belt

Oversized & Bold Jewelry

Don’t be afraid to go bold on your jewelry selection. Just make sure that if you are going big and bold, you keep it to one or two oversized accessories per outfit. I found some bold necklaces that can make a statement with any outfit! If you do wear a big bold necklace or bracelet, have fun with it!

oversized and bold necklaces for tall women

All of the bold necklaces above are from Old Navy. They are affordable too!

Over at Tall Clothing Mall we have a section of our favorite accessories for tall women including oversized necklaces, earrings, handbags,  long scarves, wide belts and extra long tights.


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