Diary of a Tall Fashionista – My Crazy Life

I’ve been absent for a few days. Did you miss me? In case you were wondering here’s what I did this weekend.

Mr Tall and I celebrated our 18th Anniversary. (Can’t believe it’s been that many years!!!) We took to the road and spent the weekend in Park City, Utah. We stayed at the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria, Park City. Here is the incredible view from our room.

waldorf astoria park city view

I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous this place is.  I’ve stayed in some great places in my former lifetime when I was a travel agent. This place ranks near the top of best resorts!

waldorf astoria park city rooms Our 2 story room!

The purpose of our trip was actually to check out a business that Mr. Tall is thinking of purchasing and running. It just so happened to be over our anniversary. Bonus! We arrived home yesterday and it looks like we will be purchasing the business. We will relocate from living just outside of Vail, to living just outside Park City.  How can I complain? They are both beautiful places to live. But, it’s been a hard decision as my husband has lived in the same town his entire life and we’ve had to figure out if it will be good for the kids.  It looks like the pros outweight the cons so we’re going for it!

August will be a whirlwind as we are trying to pack, sell our current home and move in 3-4 weeks.  School starts in 3 weeks so we are on a tight deadline.

We spent the weekend touring homes for sale.  Can I just say that we saw some funky homes. We were trying to keep an open mind as we are handy with fixing up some minor problems with homes.  For grins we thought we’d check out this home (below) just for the sheer size of it. It’s 7000 square feet. They had a home, brought in another home and joined them together. Then they added on to the home. There was no rhyme or reason and it had hidden doors and staircases. We were getting lost and couldn’t wait to get out of there. It was making me crazy and really it’s too big for us!

wierd homes for sale

The next home is on 2 acres, but looks like the Brady bunch home. They have upgraded the inside, but the upgraded items were picked by an older couple and it still looks like a granny home. Plus, the yard is dead. When we went in the home we opened the door and found the older couple asleep on a blow-up mattress pad.  There was no other furniture in the house, so not sure what was going on, but it was scary!

brady bunch style home

One of our top contenders is this house below.  We love the size and openness of it. It has everything we are looking for, But, it’s on a very small lot. We’re crossing our fingers that will let us rent 1-2 months while the business deal goes through, then purchase the property.

great room

Due to the quick timeframe, we may have to rent a home for a while. It is fun to see what out there. So, there’s a view into what’s going on this month.  I will blog as regularly as I can, but it’s going to be crazy busy around here. Once we move, I’ll be able to get back into a better schedule. Tiffany and Cinthia will continue to blog too, so please stick with us!

Hey, one another note, how about Missy Franklin winning gold?  So proud of her! Go team tall girls!

missy franklin gold medal - team tall girls

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