Summer Lovin’ Wedges

By Cinthia Molinar, our college aged “Tall Fashionista”. 
Cinthia will be a regular contributor to Tall Snob. 

It’s summer time! Finally! And you know what that means. . . time to bring out that summer wardrobe that you’ve been eyeing all winter. That oh-so-coveted closet has many of my favorite clothing items, but one that I think every girl should not go without this summer is a good, handy pair of wedges. I absolutely love wedges because they are easy to dress up or dress down, and they never disappoint. And not to mention they are comfy and stylish! What more could one ask for? They can make any outfit into a summer outfit. And since they come in different heights, they are perfect for every woman.
If you enjoy staying close to the ground, or just prefer to wear smaller heels period, these one inch to two-inch wedges are the best for you. They’re comfy, but still give your legs a longer, leaner look. And let’s face it, you’re already tall so flaunt it! Even if you’re flaunting it by two inches.

white wedges for tall women
Softspots Lebeau up to size 11,  Volatile Indio  up to size 10.

If you are more on the daring side, and like your high heels, I recommend to invest in wedges such as these four inch wedges (above right).  They will definitely give you more height, but sometimes more height is not a bad thing!! Your legs will look longer (once again, not a bad thing! Embrace it!) as well as making you look slimmer. If this is your first time looking into buying a pair of handy-dandy wedges, I recommend to begin with a solid color. A summer color if you can- whites, yellows, pinks, even browns work. Think of your closet and what color would go well with most of your clothing.

As stated earlier, part of the beauty of wedges is that they can be worn with nearly everything.  If you want to dress up, a beautiful and easy summer look is to pair wedges with a sundress. These are some examples that I thought of that would look great with a high or low heel.

summer dresses

As Shown From Left to right:

Top Row: Be Quill My Heart Dress.  Hepcat Dress In Cherry.

Bottom Row: Party Planet Dress. Let’s Skedaddle Dress.

You can’t go wrong with a sundress, worn with wedges and a great handbag or other accessories such as a bracelet or simple necklace.  However, if you are looking to dress it down a bit, wedges go great with cuffed capris such as these below. Pair them off with a simple tee or a flowy tee and you have a look that’s casual, yet still stylish.

tops and crops for tall women

As shown from left to right:

Top row: Cap Sleeve TopFlutter Sleeve Brushstroke-print top

Bottom row: Tummy Control Cuffed Capris.  Carmen cuffed Capri Jeans

If you already have a pair of wedges, great! Time to bring them out and start wearing them! Experiment and see what look you like best. If you don’t, no worries, you have all summer to look for a pair that I promise you will absolutely love!


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