Stand Tall. Wear baubles.

Well ladies, today is the last day of stand tall week.  The older I get, the more I appreciate my height and “Stand Tall” week was a great excuse to reflect on this unique feature and how it’s impacted my style, and even more—my life.  Reading all those positive statistics regarding tall women was eye opening and made me even more grateful for my height.

This week my goal was to feature fashion and styles that would highlight our height.  Tuesday, it was all about clothing our long legs in bold hues.  Wednesday it was about wearing heels, not in spite of our height, but in celebration of it.  Yesterday it was about our long torsos and finding the right swimsuits and accessories to compliment them.

Long Legs, Large Feet, Lanky Torsos?  What’s left to cover?  Why, our long appendages.  Ok that sounds like a Grey’s anatomy word.  What I mean is the perfect compliments to our long necks, gangly wrists, and long fingers.  I bring you a handful of fun, lust worthy statement jewelry picks for spring.  Make sure you clothe your regal neck, wrists, and fingers in these beautiful baubles.

jewelry for tall women statement jewelry

Kate Spade Yellow Mulholland drive bib necklace.

Max and Chloe layered turquoise necklace.

Kate Spade Navy Treasure chest statement ring.

Gorjana Green two tone leather triple strand bracelet.

Kate Spade Pink bauble box bib necklace.

Juicy Couture Neon Orange starter bracelet.

Vince Camuto “Kate” thick bangle bracelet.


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