Stand Tall This Week

Did you know Long Tall Sally designated THIS week as Stand Tall Week?  Stand Tall week is “a weeklong initiative…to encourage women to embrace their height and simply put, stand tall.”  I LOVE that concept.  It would be one thing if us tall gals were born and remained “average,” until after our adolescent years–which is when we begin to appreciate our height.  But most of us have always been tall and in one’s early years it’s tough to be different.  Never mind the difficulty of finding clothes that fit, boys who aren’t intimated, or grace with which to carry ourselves.  As a result, often tall women grow up trying to blend in (and often unsuccessfully). Whether that means slouching, trying to be average, or wearing flats even though we really love heels, standing tall is something we should all take this week to embrace.  I love these fun facts re: Tall Women:

stand tall week facts about tall women are richer

tall women's stand tall week tall women are smarterr

standing tall week

tall women can eat more and stand tall

Don’t those stats just make you smile?!  (see here for other fun facts). Also, be sure to tune into the Today Show to see Long Tall Sally featured, tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17th.

Images courtesy of Long Tall Sally.


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