Stand Tall…at the Beach!

Stand Tall week continues.  Day 4.  Have you been standing tall this week?  Have you been proud to show off your height?  Have you worn colored denim or heels?  Have you rubbed it in that tall women make more money than their average height counterparts?  Do you still have friends? haha. Ok that last one was a joke!  Hopefully your friends and family encourage you to embrace your height with the utmost confidence. Well here in New England, it was 90 degrees on Monday!  Pretty sure we broke a record.  In fact I believe there was still snow on the ground at this time last year!  Yikes.  I took my girls out in the kiddie pool and it got me thinking about….swimwear.  [Insert Scary climactic “Dun Dun Dun” here].  Well tall fashionistas of every age–have no fear.  Take a look at these three adorable (teens/20s), pretty (30s), and classy (40+) looks I created just for YOU.

women's tall tankini for teens

Sweetheart TankiniCat Eye Sunglasses. “Hera” in red patent croc. (Up to size 14)!

I am so in love with this cute retro look.  It’s perfectly appropriate for young, tall fashionistas.  The tankini isn’t technically a long, but I actually own a similar one from this source and it’s pretty long.  I love the shirred top and the mix/match feature.  And those cat eye sunglasses?!  It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

women's tall swimsuit with polka dots

Polka Dot Print Swimsuit (tall). Plastic Aviator“Tootsy” Sandals. (up to size 11).

Ok I’m in love with this look also!  I suppose I love them all.  :)  Just because you’re not in your twenties anymore and you’ve had a couple of babies, doesn’t mean you have to become an old lady.  (Um, is it totally obvious that I’m talking to myself?) The swimsuit provides full coverage in a classic, yet fun print.  The aviators and blinged out sandals remind the world (and yourself) that you’ve still got it. 😉

women's tall swimdress tall swimsuit

Siren Bra Cup One Piece/Dress (tall). Kendall shades‘Dixy’ Sandal up to size 12.

Dolce Vita Sandal up to size 12.

Speaking of “still got it,” how hot is this look?  You’re 40 and fabulous.  I actually think any of these looks can be appropriate for any age if  you’re confident and it fits your personality.  I’d wear all three.  And if I am thin enough to fit into the P.Y.T. junior sizing in my 40s, you’d better believe I’d rock it! Although, your tastes and style don’t go away as you age they do change.  I love this swim dress.  Sometimes swim dresses scream, “don’t look at me!” or “I’m not comfortable in a swimsuit,” which is why I’m usually not a fan.  But this one is attractive and modern (and comes in 7 colors–some more daring than black), so it won me over.  Add those glam movie star shades and the sexy gladiators and you’ve got a classy, fashionable look.

Now go to the beach and remember to stand tall!

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