Tall Personal Shopping: T-Shirts for Long-Waisted Women

I received a request via Facebook for help in finding short sleeves t-shirts for long-waisted women.

First off, go ahead and browse our section of women’s tall t-shirts at Tall Clothing Mall to see if there is something you love. We keep it updated with the latest finds.  Some other choices we have found lately not in tall sizes, but with a long length include:

french connection long t-shirt

French Connection Tunic T-Shirt


leopard print t-shirt for long torso women

C& C California Leopard Print Long T-Shirt


striped tunic tee

Olivia Moon Stripe Tunic Tee


daytrip t-shirt for long-waisted women

Daytrip Sequin Long T-Shirt


height goddess women's longer length t-shirt

Height Goddess T-Shirts


longer length t-shirt



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