Tall Fitness Swimsuits

We’re continuing on with fitness week showing you items you can wear while you are working out.  Today we feature tall fitness swimsuits. Swimming  is a great choice in workouts for those with joint pain, weak knees or those who just enjoy it. Oh, we wish were were lucky enough to live by the ocean, we’d take a swim every day. Water aerobics can be a challenging activity if you looking to mix up your workouts.Don’t you hate it when you’re swimming and you get a (how do we say this) {wedgie}? It’s gross! Come on, if you’re tall you know what we’re talking about!  There’s nothing worse than to have to constantly be pulling and tugging at the rear of your swimsuit as it rides up in all of the wrong places.We want to save you from this agony and the embarrassment of showing everyone a full moon. Go ahead and get yourself a tall fitness swimsuit. We’re featuring one piece long torso swimsuits as opposed to tankinis simply because they will stay put and give you less drag in the pool.

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